Celebrity Jail Pool:2003

Have we had one of these before?

Similar to a Celebrity Death Pool. Predict who will be thrown in the hoosegow, for any reason, in the calendar year of 2003…going forward from here.

Offer up any celeb, along with your reason for incarceration.

  1. Alec Baldwin: Impending war with Iraq + Angry liberal star + rising number of war protests = Alec chained to some federal property in protest.

  2. Bob Denver: Aging celebrity embarrassment pick. I’m thinking hookers at 3am, caught by LAPD.

  3. Courtney Love: O.K. she’s already had her run-ins this year (see her problems on Virgin Airlines) , but the re-load time for Ms. Love is faster than a freshman tuba player at a band camp slumber party.

  4. Tommy Lee: Does anyone think his “anger management” classes will do squat for the tattooed one? He decks a waiter at some chi chi cafe in Hollywood.

Bobby Brown. I win.

Would I be going out on a limb to suggest Robert Downey Jr.?

Nick Carter-or-whatever-his-last-name-is - He’ll get arrested for getting in a fight in a club or for soliciting the services of a prostitute. Bonus points if the prostitute is a guy.

Marilyn Manson - just because he’s freaky and creeps me out. He’s bound to do something crazy. My guess is he’ll be found walking naked along the highway, doped up, and babbling incoherently about Courtney Love.

Shannon Doherty - Isn’t it about time for another DUI?

Kelly Clarkson from American Idol - No one is THAT nice and upbeat all the time. She’s going to flip out eventually and maybe she’ll be arrested for opening up a can of whoop ass on Justin Guarini (sp?) or sucking punching a reporter.

And, finally I predict that Colin Farrell will be arrested for some type of domestic dispute.

I agree with you on the Colin Farrell thing…you gotta figure that the limelight is going to freak him out now.

Is it too much to hope for a Jenna Bush scandal?

Ohhhh, Great Idea!

**Jerry Falwell ** Hookers.

**Ben Affleck ** DWI

**James Caan ** Hookers/DWI

**Colin Farrell ** fighting, DWI, anger issues.

**Diana Ross ** DWI, DIVA behavior.

**Latrell Sprewell ** fighting.

Vague Pick: Some hot shot NFL or NBA player will be arrested for posession of cocaine, pot or has murdered his girlfriend.

**Darryl Strawberry ** coke posession.

**Noelle Bush ** will be arrested again for prescription drug problems.

Michael Jackson. His luck’s GOTTA run out soon. I think he’s also on my Celebrity Death list. Now, if we just had a Celebrity Plastic Surgery list, I could win the trifecta!

-I think that Michael Jackson will have a limb fall off soon if not just a collapse from complete overload of wierdness

not to get off the subject, but how wierd is he? is there anything more odd to you in this world than looking at that mans face? He is downright frightening. Sorry but he freaks me out, and I USED to be a huge fan.

Any member of the Minnesota Vikings.

Neil Bush. He’ll escape from wherever they’ve got him locked up and get busted on some insider trading thing.

Stedman Graham. DWI and/or hookers.

Barbra Streisand. Domestic disturbance.

Dr. Phil: Shoplifting.


“You don’t need support from your family to pee in a monastery.”

Kieran Culkin: Drug charges.

He comes from a messed up family, has had rapid success, and reminds me of Robert Downey Jr.

**Jan Michael Vincent ** Haven’t heard from him in awhile. Time to fall off the wagon.

**Nick Nolte ** will do something really stupid and fall farther and more bloated than he did before.

What about Christian Slater? I haven’t heard much about him lately so he’s either reformed or due. Tanya Harding, that Bobbit guy, and maybe Matthew Perry. Not daring picks, but I likes me safe bets.

Oh, Lamafish, Michael Jackson has already had a piece of him fall off. I used to know the surgeon who put his nose back on the first time it ‘fell off.’ 'Course, seeing a clip of that recent interview, I’m willing to bet that puppy could drop off again soon.

I think after it fell off the last time they just stapled it back on…it seems to be holding better now though