Celebrity Mole

Did anyone else watch this show last night? I’m glad to see The Mole return, although I wish the yummy Anderson Cooper were still hosting it. I’m also happy to see they didn’t take it easy on the celebrities (sheep chasing, anyone?)

My thoughts right now are that Frederique is the mole. Except for when Kathy was not helping with the sheep, I think everyone else tried really hard at the challenges. Frederique, however, seemed to just hang in the waterfall challenge. She also had no choice but to open the gate when Erik the sheep wrangler gathered his sheep.

Stephen is trying too hard to the mole. And I loved Kathy’s thought that, “Corbin has decided to play a character. And that character is tense, angry man.”

I caught the last fifteen minutes of it accidentally last night, so I don’t know much about it. My votes for Stephen or Evan. I think Stephen because trying too hard is a perfect cover. I don’t know the rules of the game, I’ve never caught any of the other Moles, but it makes good sense for whoever it is to strive for immunity early on. Work hard, people don’t suspect you, get them to eliminate one of their own, and you’re off to a good start. Is the mole allowed to score immunity, or is there a little stipen that they can do it within the first ___ number of events, but after that, they have to let someone else take it?
The only reason I say Evan is because, well, I have no idea where the hell he’s from. What’s he done before?
And does anyone else think it should be renamed “Washed up Celebrity Mole?” I mean, when was the last time these people had a good job?

I watched this last night, and all I can say is it went in one eyeball and out the other. I’ve never seen The Mole before, so I’m not even aware of the premise of the show, that might be a problem.

I watched this last night, and all I can say is it went in one eyeball and out the other. I’ve never seen The Mole before, so I’m not even aware of the premise of the show. That could be a problem I’d imagine.

El Elvis Rojo - I think the Mole can win immunity. As a matter of fact, I’m certain of it. Bill, who was the Mole last season won immunity during a challenge. (The tether-ball type challenge for any fans of last season)

And Erik (is that who you meant?) is from Dinotopia, the short lived series aired by ABC. The only reason I knew that is because they annouced it at the beginning of the show.

World Eater - The Mole is show that has contestants try various activities in order to add money to a pot. The Mole is a “contestant” whose job is to screw up the activites so that the event isn’t won, thus losing the money. The contestants take a quiz at the end of each show to guess the identity of the Mole. The person who scores the lowest is eliminated from the competition. Last person standing (aside from the Mole) wins the pot.

IMO, the Mole is such a good show. At the end of the show, by taking the quiz, each contestant is responsible for his own success. If their instincts (and note-taking ability) stink, then they’ll fail on the quiz. People can’t get together and vote someone off who deserves to stay. It is a game show that actually keeps you guessing until the very end. And I mean that, the absolute VERY end.

I HATE Kathy Griffith and Stephen Baldwin, so I absolutely could not watch the show. Interesting premise though.

I got a strong impression that all of Stephen Baldwin’s stories end with “…and then she gave me a blow job!”

He’s putzier than I ever imagined.

Indygrrl- I can’t stand them either, but in a local radio interview with the now Mole-less Kim Coles, she stated they cannot STAND each other and there should be some really good fights.
I’m thinking Kathy. Why, I don’t know.

That bit with Stephen thinking that Kathy wanted to come to have sex with them was so utterly creepy. 'm still watching, though.

But let me get this out of the way…I MISS ANDERSON!!! Oh god, it’s not the Mole without him!!! This…Ahmed fellow, where’s the personality? Where are the subtle digs? He has the personality of a dish of face.

Well, on to more important things. I wish they had more players. They only started with seven. Not a lot of time to get a sense of the contestants. Though I hope Erik doesn’t get voted off- he’s very yummy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thing…

I miss Anderson!!!

Okay, now that that’s off my chest again…It was better without celebrities. That way you got to know the people, and they were more recognizable and more enjoyable to watch after awhile than “celebs!” (Although I have to admit I did get tired of Katie’s emotional state after a bit…)

I was seriously missing Anderson. I don’t like this host guy at all. BRING BACK ANDERSON!!!


I dislike Stephen Baldwin. A lot. I want to punch him. It was surprising to see that Erik guy. I watched ‘Dinotopia’ (though I liked Erik’s character’s brother more), and Erik was a staple in Disney for a while. It was just kinda weird to see him in a Mole-like show.

They are donating the pot to charity right? (Ignore the silly connotations of that.)

!!!ANDERSON!!! Where are you??

I just couldn’t bring myself to watch it past the first 5 minutes. I’ve loved the last two seasons of the Mole and this just seemed like a half-assed attempt to run out a contract or something. First they cut back the budget by setting it in Hawaii instead of the long treks across Europe. Then they cut the number of contestants from 16 to 7 and cut the prize money down to $250,000. Then they got annoying and “who the hell IS that?” celebrities on there, all of whom seemed pretty obnoxious. Then they didn’t even bother to bring Anderson Cooper in.

I love the Mole. This didn’t seem like the Mole.

Bring back Anderson!

I caught the last half. Stephen Baldwin is an asshole, and Corbin Bernsen got really really old in the last few years. That’s all I have to contribute.

Can any of those contestants be considered real “celebrities”? They all pretty much suck.

I saw half of it last night…
what happens if the Mole gets kicked off the show? Does it just make it easier for the other players to get cash? If they are removed, do the other players find out?

If it’s like the regular Mole, he can’t get kicked off. First off, the questions would be along the lines of “Did the Mole (you) drink red or white wine last night.” Hopefully, they would be able to answer all of the questions accurately. Secondly, the mole doesn’t really take the quiz. Last season, the producer mentioned that they used that time to brief the mole on what tasks were coming up and suggested ways they could be sabotaged.

Great, Caesar’s Ghost! I completely agree with you. (Yeah, yeah, I know–yawn–you’ve never heard THAT one before :rolleyes: )

CNN told Anderson, “It’s us or The Mole” and he chose CNN, which, by the way, he is on quite often lately. But unfortunately, no snide jabs at any of the other reporters or interviewees. Damn.

I’ve got to agree with you there, Ahmad is NO Anderson.

I fell asleep 50 minutes into it…I thought it didn’t have the strength of the real Mole series. It Looked more like actors who didn’t have anything to do, taking some part time job…

I think Surreal Life,a sort of Big Brother clone, which is on WB 9pm on Thur, is a lot more interesting if you want to see actors who have nothing else to do…

I actually missed this. Which I didn’t mean to. I am not really big on the celebrity Mole thing going on here. But I want to support “The Mole” by and large. Although it’s a lose lose situation it feels like. It did really good, but it had a great time slot. The last Mole would have kicked butt in this slot. My only worry is that ABC will look at the numbers and think… “Ooh… we should do MORE celebrity Mole.” The other option though is, “See, this Mole thing can’t survive.” It doesn’t seem like they’ll blame themsleves for making a stupid celebrity Mole.

Anyway, thats just me ranting. I will not miss more Mole, plus my dream has come true. Celebrity Mole is now Kim Cole-less.