Who is the MOLE? (TV Show)

Hurry & guess who the Mole is on the tv show: THE MOLE! No changing your answer! So, bookmark this if you want to come back & seee how you did.

I think that it’s Jim, the chopper pilot. There is just something about him.

The Mole has been about the only “reality” show I’ve really liked. Of course, I saw the Australian version last year. Where are they staging the American version?

The one thing that bothered me slighty was that there was NO way, other than luck, to guess who the winner was going to be. After the last episode, they had a short little thing on the clues “you at home” could have picked up on to guess who it was, but they were completely silly things like a sideways glace by one contestant at another. Pfft.

However, one of the participants, Jan, was made to seem somewhat dodgy through the whole series, and a lot of people here thought she was The Mole (there was a reasonable amount of buzz in the Australian entertainment media about the show). So just about everyone was surprised when Dean, or Dirk, or Dave (I’ve forgotten his name) was revealed as The Mole. He’d been made to seem very unsuspicious and somewhat bumbling. Jan actually ended up being the winner.

So, considering that the producers of this show can edit it together however they want to make any of the participants seem sly or stupid, my prediction is that the American Mole will not be the obvious choice just before the last epidsode.

Of course, I have no idea who the participants are, and I’ll never see an episode of this show, so my predictions probably aren’t worth much.

It’s Steve.

We never see him discussing who he thinks it is.

We have seen him f**k up at least three of the challenges single handedly. (Insert joke here)

  1. In the rescue challenge, he would not reply via walky-talky when he said he would check in every minute. Somehow he was the only survivor.

  2. The “roll-the-dice” challenge. Sent off to pose nude, refused.

  3. Find the hotel challenge: Did everything he could to waste time, they arrive too late.

Jim is going down. He seems to have formed a pact with Steve against the mole. Guess that his voting will be off.

Kathryn. Not any real specific reason. Mainly a gut feeling. If she’s not the Mole, I think she’ll win this thing.

Now watch her get booted next episode…

It’s so obvious that it’s Steve…therefore you can count him out. They obviously want you to think it’s him.

I vote for Kathryn.

They seem to be spending alot of time in Spain.

I don’t have a strong feeling about who the mole is, but my best guess is Kate. She lied really well to the “smart team.”

I am so glad that Jennifer is gone! I think those of you guessing Steve should keep in mind that he was her top suspect and she failed the quiz.
I thought the way she handled herself after the visitor challenge was pretty sucky. Kate wasn’t going to see her visitor either. Noone forced her to switch answers.
Was anyone else surprised when Jim’s ex “Jo(e)” turned out to be a guy? I mean, cool for him, but whoa. It threw me a little. And no, of course I am not saying that you can tell a gay person solely by looking at him/her, but Jim surely did not give off that “vibe.”
Anderson Cooper is a GOD. A little melodramatic at times (typing the names in on a computer is silly, IMHO), but I could watch him do nothing for hours.


While we’re on the topic, I thought I’d just mention that my sister’s school’s secretary was Jan, the woman who won the Australian version of The Mole. My sister was so excited when Jan won, and brought home a slip of paper that had been signed by her (for some official school thing or something).

I think it’s Jim. Admittedly, I’ve only seen the last two episodes. For someone as smart as he obviously is, however, he managed a feat of spectacular miscommunication in the university, and seemed to willfully ignore Kate’s inadvertent helpful hint in the Three Routes game yesterday.

I’d be shocked if it were Kate or Charlie.

Here’s the thing: They keep setting things up to make Steve look bad, so people will think he’s the Mole, but people are starting to get the hang of these shows, so maybe it is him and they are going so heavy handed to throw people off?

'Course, most people really are that stupid, so it’s probably not him. I’ve got to say Kate. can’t put my finger on any reason, it’s one of those gut things. Next would be Jim.

That’s my thinking too. We get to see what, about 20-25 minutes a week of these people interacting, and what we see is edited for entertainment value, red-herring-ing, etc. If there truly has been any action which would probably tip the Mole’s hat, we probably haven’t seen it.

So this is just a guess, but I think it’s the old guy, Charlie I think his name is. Is he still on it?

The first episode I saw was #2, and after the first half hour, I knew who the mole is.

The mole doesn’t need to be flagrant about messing up on the challenges. People mess up enough on their own. If everyone else was always trying hard, but only one kept fouling up, the game would be boring and over quickly. The games also pit players against one another, to add (or possibly divert) suspicion. With good editing, any player can be made to look like they’re it. The mole doesn’t have to be overly active to mess things up, since just a few minutes of delay can be enough to cause a challenge to be lost.

The only way to tell for sure, would be if the mole demonstrated some knowledge that the others would not have. That happened in episode 2. Since then, my opinion has only been strengthened by that player’s actions.

It’s Kathryn. She suggested finding out if the “prisoner” could hear the helicopter they were using for the search. That sounds logical, especially since the “prisoner” did hear a helicopter when they called. The problem was, they were searching about 30 miles away. There was a helipad next to the castle where the “prisoner” was held. What a coincidence, hummm. That kept the teams searching the wrong city long enough to lose the challenge. Only the mole would know that checking for the sound of a helicopter would be a great distractor.

Since then, she refused to have her head shaved. That’s completely understandable for someone getting married in a few months. No one could possibly hold that against her, but if any others refused to do their challenge, the team would lose again.

She was in the second team doing the quiz. She would be seen as helpful, working toward answering the questions, but that would cost the team money.

Everything else has been consistent with Kathryn being the mole. That’s my pick, so we’ll see in a few more weeks.

Terrific insight, Mike. I started watching the episode after the helicopter challenge. I agree it’s Kathryn. Remember the episode where the producers make a big deal about how she was the only person to check the notes left in the room where an interview was supposed to take place. This seems to be done to make the audience believe she’s really working for the team.

In my mind, if a person did that, they might share their efforts with the rest of the team. She didn’t have to. The host did it for her at the supper table. That way, everybody found out what she did, but she didn’t have to make it a big deal, like she’s saying, Look at me, I couldn’t possibly be the mole because the mole wouldn’t do this. Plus, there was no punishment forthcoming.

It can’t be Steve. They try too hard to point to him as the mole. Gimme a break. It’s funny that he was paired with Kathryn in the past episode and the team failed. She made it seem that Steve was sabotaging the team. But they didn’t show who was the most resourceful after the van broke down. I thought Steve did find in the challenge.

I’ve thought it was Steve, but after reading Mike’s and Clucky’s posts, I now think it’s Kathryn.

Oh, and Sapphire, sorry to break it to you, but Anderson is mine. :wink:

I’ve been following the show for a few weeks now, and there is still one small point that I don’t get. What is the Mole’s incentive for causing the team to fail? Do they get a bigger prize if the team earns less money or something? Because if not, then it seems to me the best way to make yourself seem like you are not the mole would be to never do anything to make them fail. Then noone has any reason to suspect you. This is the aspect of the show that makes guessing who the mole is nearly impossible. But it’s still fun to see how people operate when they are suspicious of each other.

I missed the first episode of this first show. When the second one came on, as they were showing the faces of the participants, I picked Jim. After watching all the rest of the shows, I still think it is him.

I’m not sure why. It seem everyone has screwed up the team one way or another, so it’s difficult to pick someone based on that. There’s just something about Jim that makes me think he’s the one.

I’m sticking with Jim as my pick for the Mole.

Only one person gets to take home the cash earned by the team. Either the Mole, or the person who figures out who the Mole is.

I may have to amend my guess to be Jim…he’s pretty sneaky too.

[sub]and my dear, confused Saxy…

I am already carrying his silver-haired love child![/sub] :smiley:

Sheesh. You people can all have Anderson. I WANT STEVE. Good Lord Jehosaphat…he is dreamy. A young, strapping, pierced version of Gary Sinise and Hugh Jackman mixed. And last week when he called his wife “punkinhead”? COME ON! How sweet!

Plus, in the first episode he wore a hat that said “hippies smell”. THAT’S COMEDY.

I also think he’s the mole. Why wouldn’t he communicate where he was when they were trying to find Kate? He ALSO refused his challenge (posing naked), and I think someone has already mentioned that he is VERY RARELY interviewed about his thoughts on who the mole is.

Plus, this week when his wife got to sit with him for the execution, he gave her a strange little combo nod/smile when his thumbprint turned up green, but it was almost off screen, you’d have to have been drooling over Steven to have caught it.



OK. So doesn’t that mean it’s in the Mole’s best interest to see the team’s earnings get as large as possible?

The Mole has NO chance of getting the pool of money. Only the last person standing (besides the Mole himself) will win it all.

The incentive for the Mole to sabotage the challenges is that they continue to receive a paycheck from ABC.

Oh, and Jim is the Mole. He tried to get them lost on the bicycles early on (when riding with Afi), he took his time with the car when trying to rescue Steven from the iron mask. Jim also said he would get the casts put on his leg, but then refused (huh, what is the excuse behind that?). The only thing he did to remotely HELP the group was alert the puzzle solvers to stop. There was no way for him NOT to without appearing too suspicious, but he managed to take his time through the hallways to at least chip the pot away a bit.