Why is it that only women - as far as I can tell - get cellulite? Wow… that was a short question.

“I guess it is possible for one person to make a difference, although most of the time they probably shouldn’t.”

Is cellulite real?

I heard this explained by a dietitican once. IIRC, the term cellulite was coined by a fad diet promoter some years ago. At the time it meant metabolic waste and byproducts (perhaps a contraction of “cellular detritus”?) which supposedly built up in your body and made you fat. This was completely bogus, of course, and the diet didn’t work as advertised.

Nowadays, the word usually refers to fat deposits that have a crinkly or bumpy surface. This is caused by the way fat cells organize themselves when in large groups. They group into small lumps instead of spreading out evenly.

This does not only happen to women; overweight men get the same thing. As to why it’s more commonly noticed on women, I have two WAGs:

  1. Women simply have more body fat on average.
  2. Men don’t pay as much attention to their own bodies, and also tend to wear less revealing clothing.

Fat is where it’s at. Lumpy thighs, bulging beer bellies, pudgy fingers, it’s all the same stuff.