Cenk Uygur is running for CA-25

Cenk Uygur, from the Young Turks, has announced his candidacy for CA-25, recently vacated by the resignation of Katie Hill.

Uygur has made disgusting remarks about women in the past, including saying they are flawed genetically because they don’t want sex often enough, especially not wanting to have sex with him.

At least seven local or state Democratic groups, including the California National Organization for Women and the LGBT-focused Stonewall Democratic Club, have denounced Uygur’s past remarks, with some calling for him to drop out of the race.

Bernie Sanders just endorsed him.


I’ve been watching the Young Turks for awhile know, and whatever he said in the past it’s obvious he is a different guy now.

He totally admits to making those remarks but says he was young and stupid then and he totally refutes those remarks now.

He’s been on the Young Turks for quite awhile now and in that time he’s been a far left progressive. Pro LGBTQ rights. Pro women’s rights. Anti big business.

I think more interesting is that he’s a far left progressive running in what is considered a purple district. It’ll be interesting to see if he has any success.

I know he has repudiated his earlier claims, but at one point he was an Armenian genocide denier. No political argument from me, I just think it’s funny that on the same day Senate passed an unanimous resolution acknowledging the genocide.

Chris Cuomo interviewed (not the original source) Cenk about his run.

Some questions Cuomo asked in the interview:
Cenk doesn’t live in the district (he plans to move there)
The blog post with the misogynistic remarks
The Young Turks name of the show
Armenian genocide denier

The Daily Beast article in the OP needs some cites because some of the examples lack context and it should be easy to pull that footage, but if true, a couple of the remarks in that article make me uncomfortable.

Because of the controversy surrounding the misogynistic blog posts from 18 years ago, Cenk resigned a couple years ago from the Justice Democrats, the organization that started Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s political career.

The priority is to pack Congress with human beings opposed to the Party of Greed, Hatred and Lies. Whatever his foibles, Uygur is preferable to every.single.Republican.

Having said that: Yes, I thought Uygur was something of an asshole when I watched him on YouTube. Here are some links to his old (19 years ago) website, when he was a Republican (though he was sure Nixon’s crimes were worse than Clinton’s).
Armenian genocide?
Too much litigation in the U.S.A.

One of the paradoxes of modern political discourse is everyone demands people change their views, yet insists it doesn’t matter if they do because they’re still going to hold their old views against them, forever.

I agree. I don’t agree with cancel culture. But these quotes from 2012 from the Daily Beast article in the OP are troubling to me.

Cenk has said that what people do in their personal time is their business, but quizzing other people about what they do in their free time and airing it in public is a little disturbing to me.

And this:

This is objectifying someone. She’s not there for someone to make judgements about her sexuality and then tell others what they think about it.

And this:

Ugh, ick and ewww. I’m not easily squicked about these topics generally, but I literally said eww as I read this.

As I posted above, these don’t have cites or video clips attached that I could see, so I don’t know context or even if it really happened. But if it did, I’m not liking it.

I’m not gonna be in a position to vote in the special election, but I wonder what Mrs. Uygur thought about it whenever he would include “if I were still single” into one of his evaluations of women’s desirability.

That’s right, only perfect people can represent us, make one mistake and you are worthless for the rest of your life. Luckily, all of our representatives are flawless people who have never made a mistake, just like all those people who criticize Uygur.

I guess his progressive political views align with mine. He’s still a juvenile twat, tho. Surely Dems can do better in CA-25, right?

What is troubling to me is that somehow the notion of public service, through elected office, has turned into a circus act. Trump certainly did not cause this to happen, but is simply the most visible symptom. It is telling that this is happening world-wide. So, any joker with a twitter following thinks they can (and should) run for office. Of course their past outrageous remarks will be fodder for discussion, they should be. But as we have seen, the public has shown that all of that is just part of the circus.

When did he repudiate them-before, or after, he decided to run?

He is currently one of five declared Democratic Party candidates( there are six Republicans ). Someone like Christy Smith is far more likely to get the nod than Uygur.

Shitbag Sanders has weaseled back his endorsement.

Fuck you, Bernie and fuck you, Cenk.

2016 was the first time he explicitly said so it looks like, but the last time he publicly engaged in denialism was 1999, so it’s not clear when he changed his mind.

Cenk is not a journalist.

He is a commentator.

He is like Hannity, Ingraham, etc.

I have watched the Young Turks (no, that name shouldn’t be problematic, except maybe the “young” part) off and on going back to when the show was on Air America.

If you want a guy who can explain an issue clearly and concisely, who respects his audience’s ability to absorb complexity and who gets to the point (unlike Rachel), Cenk is your guy. But there’s this frat boy lurking inside him, and he just can’t seem to resist blurting out his worst tendencies, then saying “oops, did I just do that”? I have a strong feeling his political ambitions are soon to be squelched.

*Quote: Shitbag Sanders has weaseled back his endorsement.


Fuck you, Bernie and fuck you, Cenk. *

Easy now! Where did that come from?

Cenk was raised Turkish. He was taught to dismiss the Armenian Genocide as a young person, & it took him a long time to come around. Credit must be given to his TYT employee/co-host Ana Kasparian (who is of Armenian descent) for her patience with him.

Some of the stuff he’s said about sex is a little weird. The stuff in the OP was meant as a joke. I guess politics doesn’t know what to do with sardonic or self-mocking humor.

Overall, Cenk’s a pretty good guy, & a vocal enemy of corruption. CA-25 could do a lot worse.

It’s not my district, but I’ll tell ya.

With Cenk it’s not too hard to see what you’re going to get. He has been a media figure for a long time. So, yeah, I can get behind this candidacy.

It was a joke?

It seems like Rs are gtting on his ass for a David Duke interview that the republicans are using to say that he is sympathetic to the man, or whatever. By all reports though, it was a good interview. That’s not a joke AFAIK. Cenk is as scary to them as a young girl is. That’s scary.