Central MN dopefest update!

Everyone is standing around the computer watching me type. I really wish they would help me say something, too…

Let’s see…

We met for dinner at O’Hara’s at two. MsRobyn, MrRobyn (who just registered as NghtCrwlr, by the way), and NuVoDaDa were waiting when I arrived; SpiderWoman, Imthjckaz, and PuRpLePrIdE showed up shortly after that, and Rysdad showed up last - at the table, I mean; he was down in the game room waiting for us.

We had the menus open for a LONG TIME before we actually got around to ordering, but ended up eating eventually.

We swapped bad jokes and funny stories (ask Rysdad about the boat battery sometime :slight_smile: ) and war stories (half of us were ex-military) and lauged a lot - even groaned a bit.

After lunch and a couple of beers Rysdad left for the Cities again :frowning: But he bought lottery tickets for the lot of us on the way home :smiley: (he’s a really nice guy - am glad I got to meet him) The rest of us repaired to the fine abode of the lovely SpiderWoman and the very quiet Jckaz, where NuVo and I are drinking this very lovely thing called the “gay pirate” and all others are drinking virgin “gay pirates”. Spider is putting us all up - especially me, as I have NO intentions of driving home tonight.

Weeell…I’m going to leave off here - MsRobyn is breathing down my neck right now and I think she’s quite anxious to post.

BTW, the next time you see Silver Fire make sure you give her a Bronx cheer from me, will ya? :wink:

Greetings from scenic St. Cloud, where a bunch of us are drinkin’ and watchin’ Lethal Weapon and havin’ a good time.

NghtCrwlr and I went to Northfield to pick NuVo up. We enjoyed a good ride up, during which Nght mainly slept. (I’m grateful for small miracles :smiley: )

O’Hara’s was fairly easy to find, and there was a vast menu. There were recommendations on which beer goes with what dish. Definitely a handy thing to know.

Lunch was excellent, as was the company. We sat around for a LONG time after lunch and swapped jokes and stories and tales of our lives. I think the laughter from our corner of the room could be heard clear across the restaurant.

Now, we’re sitting around in Spidey’s house, continuing the fun. :slight_smile: We’re going home tomorrow, where Nght and I plan to see some of Historic Northfield, and go home and get some sleep. We looked forward to this weekend for a long time, and it was definitely worth the wait.

Thanks to Spidey and imthjckaz for letting us stay at their place. :slight_smile:

And Silver… PFFTTTT~~~~~~~ :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


I wanna know what you had to eat. Maybe Oldscratch should have gone with you.

Is it snowing?

What’s in a Gay Pirate? (Yeah, had to ask. Can’t wait to hear.)

I know, I know. I’m a rotten human being. I’m not a true doper. I suck. But the last two days have been incredibly confusing and really shitty at the same time. I haven’t slept since Thursday or so and I don’t remember yesterday, if that gives you any idea. I didn’t even know that today is Saturday until msrobyn came into #straightdope. I’ve had a bad weekend, to say the least. But you’re all invited to my mom’s house, if that makes anything better. :slight_smile:

But we’re okay if it does, because everyone is spending the night here.

////Silver Fire\\

I hope you can come to the next one!


I’m glad to finally put a face to some of the names I have been reading.
Right know things are going great and I’m sure we will have some toasted posting later.
Rysdad, you are cool cat.

That reminds me, I have a picture of me now. So, if you want one, let me know and I’ll email it right to you since you were all supposed to meet me tonight anyway. :slight_smile: Wish I was there!

It was my honor to share a table with you folks. O’Hara’s is a very cool place, and you’re neat people.

Alas, we won’t need to change our user names. I checked the lottery results this morning, and none of the numbers we had matched. Too bad. I had plans for the money: Building a big lake home in order to host the next dope fest. I even had an inspiration for the inscription to carve above the door: Don’t Be A Jerk

Until the next time my friends,

Be well,


That would be Rysdad, imthjckaz, and myself. This was fun. I look forward to the next one. C-note Chris says it should be in the cities, so that would be easier for some of you.

Rysdad, we were very glad to meet you. Maybe next time we will win the lottery. Bob makes meticulous plans each Wednesday and Saturday for the winnings. I never buy tickets, but I would certainly share in Bob’s good fortune.

Silver Fire, Bob and I would love to have pictures. I think both of us have our e-mails posted. I really hope you can come to the next one.

And our place is big enough; we can someday have another one here if people would like that.


I’d like to thank all of you who were able to make it up here to Saint Cloud. Can’t wait till we do it again.:slight_smile:
Silver Fire, a picture would be nice, so when we go to the next one I can say “Isn’t that Silver Fire coming in the door?”


Hmm…I can’t remember what everyone had to eat at O’Hara’s, but we all had a wonderful brunch this morning at that “Granite thingy” you were so enthusiastic about :slight_smile:

It started snowing late last night, and still is, BTW–Silver Fire should be quite happy right now, I imagine :smiley:

And a Gay Pirate contains pink lemonade, white rum, and peach schnapps - it’s actually quite good. Ask anyone, I had enough of them last night!

MsRobyn and NghtCrwlr had some great ideas for the next MN dopefest…am already looking forward to the next one :slight_smile:

It’s been all rain here in the Twins, but that’s OK. That’s very OK.


Teaches me to read these threads so infrequently.

And here I was thinking I was one of very few Minneapolis-area dopers…

well, glad you guys all had a good time, I was out deer hunting and shot a fine sized Doe, plan on having some Vennie tomorrow :slight_smile:
anyhow, Again, glad you guys all had fun, and next year I’ll try my hardest to make it (will have my own car and license)

Talk to you all later, and keep me updated