Cereal killers

Why is it that certain breakfast cereals tear the lining of your mouth when you eat them in excess (more than one bowl)? Captain Crunch comes to mind as a good example. I’ve never known any other food to have such an effect. Can anybody relate or offer insite?

It’s tough and abrasive. Is that insight?

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Wow!,when I read the title, I thought someone had shot Tony the Tiger!

Got milk?

I know of other foods that do this to me. Maybe I’m more sensitive. Pizza crust and toast are right up there with crunchy sugar coated cereals. :slight_smile:

not exactly the same effect, but there’s always a good hearty bag of Salt & Acetic Acid chips, when you feel your mouth has had too easy a time lately… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Froot Loops rip up the roof of my mouth something awful. Thats the only cereal that I’ve had that does it. Mind you, I’m not a cereal connoisseur, and I haven’t tried too many of the Cap’n Crunch type cereals. Frozen waffles, though (suitably defrosted, of course), also leave a nasty feeling on the roof of my mouth. That’s all I’ve found.

Oh, and when you don’t take the shells off of a clam or mussell…that does it too.


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The closest we came to a cereal killer was due those Apple Jacks. The commercial went something like, “An apple a day keeps the bullies away.” One of the uncles came, grabbed baby sister and made bully/animal noises and lifted her over his head, sang out the commercial’s refrain and banged her head squarely on the shelf over his head. Big mess, she lived and is normal but he felt guilty for a long time.

You know there is a mouth irritation called “Geographic tongue” I don’t know the cause but it is due to irritation from spicy or otherwise shocking food and the tongue quickly turns into a world map. Not every time of course but you get the idea. Spots and areas on the tongue pop off leaving smooth and rough areas. It’s probably familial and when a bunch of the cousins get together they all check each other out – sort of like dogs, but not a rude looking.

I’m not sure that it’s entirely confined to the tongue or does the roof on the mouth and gums, too. You could have a bowl of killer cereal and check. No cure, no harm, no foul.

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