Ceviche recipes/suggestions?

In St Marteen I had ceviche for the first time and it was awesome. I am planning a trip later this week to Pittsburgh’s strip district (where fresh fish can be found). Anyone have any recipes? What fish works the best? I’m salivating just thinking about it!! :slight_smile:

Daisy Martinez author of Daisy Cooks! (I think she has a PBS show by that name) has a recipe for shrimp ceviche that’s wonderful. It uses lime, lemon and orange juice which gives it a wonderful flavor. Check it out here

Takes 8-12 hours to “cook”. The citrus juice seems to cut the heat of the peppers. I tried making it with jalapenos and got no heat at all. If you want it a little spicy definitely use the habanero peppers.

Oh, and definitely go for the fresh squeezed juice if you have a juicer. You won’t regret the extra effort.

That looks good! I guess I will be up early “cooking” so that we can indulge that night. And my gf and I are into what we label “exertional cuisine”, so the juice will be fresh squeezed. We have found that the harder you work on a meal, the more you appreciate it. For instance, when we have a pasta dish, we make our own noodles.