Freezing ceviche

If I freeze ceviche and unfreeze it, will it be alright?

It will be edible but the texture and flavor may not be good. I assume you’re only freezing the seafood. You should thaw in the refrigerator, or make sure to eat it soon after it goes above freezing. But if you have leftovers, don’t freeze them, just call me, I’ll finish off any amount for you.

What style ceviche? Peruvian, Ecuadorean, Mexican?

My assumption would be raw fish or shellfish, finely chopped, marinated in citrus and other spices. It wouldn’t be limited to Mexican ceviche with that preparation, but that’s the style most USAns are familiar with.

If it’s Peruvian, I wouldn’t freeze it because the whole point of super-fresh, 2-minutes-in-key-lime-juice fish is that. Edible, sure, but like soda without gas.

Peruvian ceviche is diced.

Yeah, I personally can’t think of any style of ceviche that would do well from a freeze and thaw. It would still be edible, but missing the zing that fresh ceviche has.

The guy who made it is from Ecuador, but I’m not sure if that’s the style. Can I get him to overnight it to me over ice, or would it still not be fresh?

Edible, sure. Fresh, possibly, but, as I said, like gas-less soda. All the fun is gone.

The thought of eating frozen/unfrozen ceviche hurts my soul.

Where are you?

Why aren’t you just making it yourself? It doesn’t even involve any appliances - simpler than boiling water, even.