CFL: The Traditional Post-Season Firings/Resignations have Begun

Toronto Argos have fired Bert Andrus, the mastermind who led them to a 3-15 season, and who thought there was no point in dressing more than two quarterbacks for a road game. After all, how often do both your QBs get knocked out in one game? The drawback being, if that does in fact happen, QB is sort of a key position… Also, the top brass with the Argos appear to have reached an epiphany:

Hmm. Actual CFL experience as a useful thing for a CFL head coach? They may be onto something there.

Moving further west, the Bombers did a twofer: their GM resigned, likely because he stood by head coach Mike Kelly all season and was going to take the fall. Rumours were swirling that the Board, in some fit of insanity, was prepared to keep Kelly on for another year: Board backs Kelly. Whether that was just a rumour, or the Board changed its mind, is unclear, but the next day, they fired Kelly, coincidentally the same day that news broke that he was up on domestic assault charges: Leprechaun’s luck goes South. Bombers reps are saying that they fired Kelly for cause. Don’t know if a 7-11 record would qualify as cause in a court of law - perhaps in Winnipeg, it may. About all the Bombers can say about their season is that they did better than Toronto. Still didn’t make the play-offs, though.

And in Calgary, GM Scott Ackles is leaving to be GM of the Grey Cup 2011 Vancouver organization. Those involved say he was planning on leaving anyway, not just because the Stamps didn’t make it to the Grey Cup.

And in Edmonton, defensive coach Jim Daley has resigned, citing personal reasons.

Perhaps, though I think the Argos are probably somewhat annoyed at Marc Trestman, not only because his team kicked their butts royally every time they played one another, but because Trestman came into the CFL without any CFL coaching experience and brought his team to the Grey Cup twice in 2 years, winning it the second time.

His contract has been extended until 2012. Classy guy that he is, he chose not to divulge this information until this week, despite the fact that the extension was given to him in mid-season, because he didn’t want to distract his team.

He’s a great guy - I hope he can afford to eat now (seriously, is it just me, or does Trestman look like he’s slowly starving to death?)

I agree that Trestman is a counter-example - it shows that you have to be really good to make the transition the way he did. Trestman could. Bart didn’t have it.