CGI "too busy" in AOTC?

Possible spoilers, if you haven’t seen the trailer…

I finally saw the “Clone War” trailer theatrically, and do have some concerns about this movie.

The Geonosis battle scenes, while visually exciting, seem a little too much. Are we just going to have a billion CGI bits zipping across the screen in split second flashes? Is it going to be like watching strobe lights where it’s impossible to tell what’s going on?

Give me the Hoth or Yavin battles, where the slower pace allowed you to follow the strategy and action.

Yes, I know it’s premature just to go off the trailers. But, the space battle in TPM was handled that way. Plus, after reading the novelization, it seems the whole climax takes about 20 pages.

It seems to follow the story line that later in militaries, fewer larger ships are used to destroy the same amount as a much larger fleet of smaller vessels. Today: submarine tridents are the most powerful military weapons in existance, to public knowledge. One could easily destroy any point, large or small, on the globe. Intergalactically, this is the same principle as the Death Star IMO. Point in case: Battle of Hoth: 6 walkers overwhelmed the main rebel base (smaller), while in the new trailers/movie, it a schism of the republic that is being fought, where smaller, but much larger forces of troops and artillery is used.

In other news, Episode II looks bad-ass, and I’ve already bought screening tix for the movie. I hear that his episode will return to the dark beginnings of episodes 5 & 6… WOOHOO!!!

I have to agree with the OP. Not a big fan of CGI, I don’t like the way Lucas has been using it to do everything, especially when it comes to desert sequences. Every speghetti western was able to afford a backlot of sand and dirt, why he needs to create it, I don’t know. And there’s a commercial for this yogurt in a tube that has two kids pretending to be Obi Wan and Mace Windu in the kid’s living room, and it cuts from the big battle scene to the kids. In the battle scene, the two actors look like they’re just standing there waving sticks around. Obviously, that’s what they’re doing, but they look ridiculous. I mean, in this great big battle scene, the shot just looks dumb, and there’s not much they can do, because you know it’s just two guys in front of a blue screen trying to look like they’re fighting. It’s like going to that thing at Disney world where they put you in a train robbery scenario and you have no idea what’s really going on, but you try and play along anyway.

And having to make Jengo Fett CGI everytime he flies? Oi.