CGI Wrasslin!

Surfing Youtube, I came across this little selection of computer generated wrestlers doing their thing a la WWE.

Now this isn’t Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit, Ric Flair or The Hulkster.

This is BIZZARE shit.

Mario vs Luigi
Freddy vs Jason
Mr Clean vs the Terminator

Spider-man and Batman tag team action

This is all done with a WWE video game in which you can create your own characters.

I’m waiting for someone to render a ripped-shirt Captain Kirk!

Better yet, Darth Vader…THAT guy could deliver a choke-slam as a finishing move!

John McClane vs Martin Riggs in East-Coast/West-Coast cop supremacy!

Xenomorph vs Raptor!

Predator vs Pumkinhead!

Good god, but that announcer is awful.