Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles . . .

Anybody else been watching this new TNMT animated series? I’m really enjoying it so far, even if the theme song does kind of suck.

NO, NO, NO, didn’t watch the first time, and not going to watch this time either.

Well, this time around they’re making an effort to capture the tone, if not the exact storyline, of the comics. The original tune was a thirty minute toy advertisement, just like all the great toons of the 80’s. He-Man, G.I. Joe, Transformers . . .

God help me, I spent an hour (well, 40 minutes since I TiVo’ed the commercials) watching this morning.

I liked it, but I’m not sure why.

What channel does it come on, and when? And how different is it from the original cartoon series? Do they actually use their weapons this time?

I watched it on FOX during their “FOXblock” on Saturday mornings.

It was quite different from the original…I’m sure someone else can give you better details, but the things I noticed were that April is not a reporter, Shredder is not some cloak wearing bad guy (yet, I suppose), and there seems to be some definite personality differences in the turtles.

AS far as using the weapons; They killed a bunch of robots in the episodes I watched, where you actually saw the “killing” them, and there was a flashback to a previous episode where they were fighting what appeared to be humans.

I miss the old song. :frowning:

I just have to brag that one of my cousins is the voice of Donatello (I believe). :smiley:

Also…from what little I could glean from the IMDB, it seemed as though they were making the effort to get back the original tone, which is fantastic…since the comics were great and the cartoon AND movies sucked ass.

Ah, come on! TMNT 2 had Vanilla Ice!!! How can that possible be bad?

Go ninja, go ninja, go ninja, go.

Best rapper of the 20th century, hands down.

I hope they de-wussify it and let them punch out some people instead of the lame “bash the robots but trap the humans under falling crates” type of fight. I want the batman & batman beyond type fights where noses get broken and kidneys get pummeled.

I think it’s safe to say you’ll be getting that now that the Mouser portion of the storyline appears to be at an end.

The first TMNT movie was pretty good. Or, as Ebert put it “the best movie they could have made considering the source material.”

Which is typical of Ebert, and also not at all true.

So you didn’t like the movie then?

I liked it, I just don’t agree with the condescending statement that it’s the best possible film that could have been made given the source material.

I actually somewhat liked the first TMNT cartoon. Sure, it wasn’t the comic book, but that meant you could take it on its own merits (or lack thereof). Mebbe I’m biased because I think Rob Paulsen is a king among voice actors, and this series introduced his talent to me. :slight_smile:

Hey, I liked the original toon too, but I was twelve when it came out.

I’m impressed that they made one of the characters black, a scientist, AND a villain. That’s something new.

And I’m guessing…four weeks? Until the “shipper” fanfic starts appearing. (I’m betting it’ll be Donatello/April)

I liked the first movie. Both Elias Koteas and Sam Rockwell were in it, and Corey Feldman was Donatello’s voice. I’ve watched it again recently, and it really isn’t as terrible as it could have been.