Turtles in a half shell coming full circle

I just saw the premiere episode of TMNT on the FOX BOX. I had originally been an avid watcher of the original cartoons on TV in my youth so i just decided to watch it for nostalgic purposes. Anyone else do the same? Anyone like it even?

I watched it, though I thought it was a little short. I’m already encouraged by the implicit off-screen murder. (That’s not sarcasm, btw.)

huh? new Ninja Turtles? What’s Fox Box?

Damn it, I meant to see that too. I’ll have to check listings to see when it’s on next.

Fox Box? What’s that? I want Ninja Turtles, damn it!

It’s weird that I know this, but Fox Box is a session of cartoons in the mornings.

Not bad, the animation and artwork were good, characterization seemed to match up with the old series, if they put in a few good plotlines and one liners I think we may have a winner.

FOX BOX is a “session” of cartoons on your local fox channel, so said GuanoLad. This saturday you can catch the premiere episode all over again and then the next episode immediately following…
and yes…i’m guessing we might have a winner here…i liked the new humor as well. It seemed to fit well.

The new TMNT is supposed to be more closely related to the original comic series (for grown ups) than the god-awful cartoon series that followed it. For that, I want to see it, just to see if they can pull off the balance.

Thanks Guanolad and Ruralage… I definitely need to set the VCR for that.

I don’t think the original cartoon was god-awful at all. The first couple seasons have excellent animation and smarty, often witty writing that was more or less the height of action cartoons until Batman: The Animated Series rolled around. The original comics, while good, would not have made for as good a cartoon without the adaptations.

That said, I watched the premire (along with owning the new toys) and enjoyed it quite a bit. My main gripe is that I don’t like Raphael compared to his character in the first cartoon, who was more sarcastic than agressive. This Raphael is closer to his portrayal in the movies and early comics, which is fine, I’m just not as fond of the character. In the cartoon in particular he strikes me as Wolverine in a turtle suit.

The animation is good although not very distinctive. I dislike the multicolored tape on the Turtle’s weapons and the fact that Splinter is grey instead of brown, but these are, of course, minor problems. I’m expecting good things from the show and will continue to watch it. I think it could end up being the best of the 80’s revival cartoons.

Well, without having seen it. I think it’s safe to say that it’s better than all of those God-awful Transformers cartoons out there. Robots in Disguise reminds me of…something crappy, while Armada is like Pokemon.

The new He-Man, OTOH, is good for the most part. Are there any other 80’s revival cartoon out there?

yeah, i remember when Armada was hyped to be really good. sigh…
(let me write one, it’d be super cool! with lots of flaming death!)

Wake me when GI Joe comes back (and not the reruns on Cartoon Network.)

The first episode was much better than the first episodes of either Robots in Disguise or Armada. There is, of course, no guarantee that it won’t start to suck immediately following that, but having read episode summaries I don’t think it’s likely.

TMNT also has the advantage of not being a translated anime like RiD or an overall crappy anime like Armada.

Supposedly we’ll be getting a new G.I. Joe cartoon, but I’ve heard so many rumors I can’t remember what was valid. Last I heard, it was going to be something along the lines of the CGI commercials for the Joe Vs. Cobra toyline. Voltron had that horrible 3D revival, too.

Perhaps this is off-topic, but I’d rather watch the old, half-assed Filmation “He-Man” cartoons than this new, ostensibly better animated version.

Okay, now I’m waiting for a new “Thundarr the Barbarian”.

I probably WOULD have enjoyed it, but when I tuned in at the time the promos stated it was on, some god-awful low-quality cartoon called Mucha Lucha was on. No turtles at all.

See this, I promptly prepared for hari kari but was saved by a vision of Christ who told me, “it’s the station’s fault, homes.”

I later found out that it was on sunday morning, even though they all said it was on saturday. Having been up drinking until 4 AM sunday morning, I missed it.


I want a new Thundercats. Oh and ZoneRiders should come back, ZoneRiders kicked ass. Though no one but me seems to remember it.

It probably doesn’t help that Mucha Lucha and TMNT are on completely different networks (WB and Fox respectively).