A new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie



Oh. My. It’s… animated.

I know I’m going to be the odd one out, but I actually prefered the cheesy costumes from the first film(s). And isn’t one of the turtles missing? I thought there was a female one. Or, maybe I just dreamed that up. I was too young to ever get into TMNT. Eh. I wonder if April will be in it.

Wow that was…non-impressive. Ah well.

The female turtle was brought in well after the series jumped the shark so I doubt most people even remember.

Trailer looked pretty cool to me! No female turtle, please.

I would like to see something closer to the original comic books than the kid-friendly cartoon. The first movie wasn’t too bad as far as that goes, but the sequels got worse.

Her name was Venus, IIRC, and yeah she was one of those later-season additions that most cartoons seem to get. Casey Jones was the same sort of “add-on” character.

I’m pretty sure Casey Jones was there during the first season of the animated show. Not sure about the comics though.

Casey made his first appearance in the very first issue of the comics, I believe. Unfortunately, the only cite I can find has a lot of the dates borked, so I can’t really call it reliable.

He was also in the first movie. Which was really a lot better than it had any right to be, considering the subject matter.

Did they switch the colors around? I very clearly remember Donatello (the one with the staff) wearing blue, but it looks like they have Leonardo (katanas) in blue. Maybe it’s just the lighting, though…

Donatello wears a purple headband. Leonardo wears blue.

It’s your memory. I have a trash can from the first movie, and Leo quite definitely wears blue.

Donny’s always been purple, and Leo blue.

Weren’t they all red in the comic?

Y’know, in some ways, it’s actually comforting that I don’t remember which one wore which color. I still have a few brain cells left for other uses, I guess.

But Rafael was the one with the sais and Michaelangelo had the nunchucks, right?

Well, they were all white in the comics (being B&W books, and all), but the colour art originally had them all with red, yes.

And the weapons are:

Donny (Purple) - Bo staff.
Leo (Blue) - Twin Katana.
Raph (Red) - Sai.
Mikey (Orange) - Nunchaku.

They all also came equipped with various knives as toys.

Wikipedia says that she only appeared on the Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation live-action series. I didn’t even know there ever was such a thing.

My friends and I have been patiently waiting for an actual trailer like this for many months. I guarantee this particular scene won’t be in the movie.

Ah, my bad. Like Chronos, I’m not overly embarassed about my inabilty to keep my Ninja Turtles trivia straight.

It used to be on Fox for kids after school.