Who is your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

It’d be nice if you want to say why but there’s no obligation.

Donatello’s the smart one, and I’m a Doper. I leave the conclusion as an exercise for the reader.

At first, I read it as “I leave the confusion as an exercice for the reader” :slight_smile:

Michelangelo, cause he’s a party dude!

But in the TMNT arcade game, I always use Donatello. His staff gives longer reach

Ha ha, that’s my thought process as well, although it was a tough choice between him and Raphael, who is described as “cool but crude.”

I like Raphael because sais are cool.

Michelangelo is a gimmick. Leonardo has a stick up his ass and Donatello is a know it all.

Leonardo - his figurine came with swords.


In high school French in the late 80’s, we all had to pick “French” names off a list to use for the year. I saw Raphael and was all over it.

He does all right as an archangel, too.

All incarnations of Raphael. In the cartoon, he was portrayed as a wise-cracking, sarcastic guy…er, turtle.

In the original TMNT movie (and closer to the comic), he was kind of a loner. He was argumentative, aggressive, sullen, and rebellious (as stated in his wiki entry). Once he established his opinion of an issue, no one could change his mind.

Based off of the opinions of my friends and family, I’m both of those descriptions, in about a 50/50 ratio.

In other words, he and I are wise-cracking assholes.

Michey because he’s cool.

Leo is stuck up, Donnie’s a nerd and Raph is just angry all the time.

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Yet another Donatello. Not only is he the nerd, but the quarterstaff is the only weapon in which I have any training.

Don, the Bo staff gives both offensive and defensive use, and has the longest reach of any of the Turtles weapons, and he appears to be the smartest of the foursome, also he’s an electronics geek (according to the animated cartoon)

Quarterstaffs rock.

I don’t understand all the people who are pickin’ Donatello. It’s weird. Do you just feel like a kindred spirit with the nerd turtle? Let me guess…your favorite power ranger was Billy, the one with the glasses, right? :smiley:


Awesome take on the subject.

I was always partial to Raphael when I was a kid…the sai are awesome. (and I didn’t know it wasn’t spelled like the greek letter they resemble until just now) But now, I’d pick Donatello because staffs rock. Still, I voted for Raph, because I’ve got to go with the childhood desires.

Yes and yes.

Michelangelo, 'cause he’s a surfer, of course :slight_smile:

I hope I’m not the only one who thought this thread would open with a link to the recent Cracked video on the subject.

It’s after seeing that video that I open the thread. I didn’t want to influence people’s answers.