Chain of thought party fun time

Hey all,
I can type very fast and I enjoy writing the occassional stream-of-consciousness diary, so I figured it’s maybe OK to post here for anyone to read or even contribute their own.

If this is taboo here, then you can lock the thread or burn it or w/e mods do for fun.

Here goes:
bleach, software, fabric, solution, final solution, Nazis, Hitler, mustache, puppies, love, bastard, girls, fuck, shit, cock, poop, dildo, rubber, latex, Cat woman, sexy, tits, dogs, kittens, sushi, my job, my boss, hatred, bad English, is, is, are, want to be cool, rice, fish, everything nice, redheads, Japan, Hanako, cute, dream, tired, nightmare, rape, cant think, vacuum, hoover, presidents, bush, chimpanzee, ice cream, bananas, sundae, straight dope, dope, weed, drugs, blunts, Clerks, star wars, death star, bananas, monkeys, roller skates, girls, sex, orgasm, juice, apple juice, apple cider, whiskey, american pie, the day that i die, love, hugging, holding, spooning, car alarm, cars, batmobile, corvette, pick up truck, drinking, driving, bad ideas, prison, jail, buttsex, smoking, cigarrette, cancer, grandma, grandpa, Irish, Ireland, leprechaun, assholes, rude people, blue lagoon, blue curacoa, vodka, pineapple juice, pineapple, grenade, war, death, violence, fun, gladiator, superman, batman, wonder twins, rings, the one ring, Qadgop, doctor, Frodo, Gandalf, Gollum, Ian McKlellan, headache, aspirin, sex, phone calls, prison, love, God, jesus, beard, cross, square, triangle, circle, pi, Pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, halloween, thanksgiving, turkey, gobble gobble, double neck, ugly, bitch, my face, youtube, fun, music, la la la la la, squirrels, hung, meth, faster, speed, sweat, my teacher two years ago in honors and the time i was sweating on the blue book, embarrassed, my nightmare last night, foaming brown condom fizz that smells like poop, brothel, mother, annoying, tired…

Ok, that’s enough. Wow, that was pretty interesting actually. I guess today I have sex on the brain!

Try it for yourself!

Oh, I thought we were going to have a group chain of thought party fun time. Too bad. That might have been fun.

The mods crush and obliterate bad threads with their jackboots. In their underoos. I thought everyone knew that.

That’s Czarcasm. I crush the excessively pointless threads while wearing my Magic Mod Hat of Doom.