Changing Passwords

Well, I changed my password because when there’s a security problem with the board, I figure I should. And it was even cautiously suggested!

But now it’s “Don’t change your passwords! You’ll go to limbo!”

Well, anyway: Thanks for bringing me back, Tuba, I didn’t mean to cause you trouble.

In the future - use a different password for every internet site you visit! Or use the same password for all the “unimportant” sites, and a different password for all the “important” sites (e.g. those that maintain credit card/financial information.)

I have all my passwords in one securely encrypted file on my hard disk. Of course, if I forgot the password to my securely encrypted file, I would be SOL but there is no perfect solution.

Yeah, I saw that suggestion, too, so I changed my password with no problems, on Sunday night at about 9:15 p.m., after the revamped boards had been up for about 45 minutes. However, I wasn’t also trying to change my e-mail address, so maybe it’s only if you’re trying to change both things at the same session?

I’ve had a distinct password for the SDMB since the first time I saw it get cracked. But I do change that password now & then, even though it now has no effect on any other account of mine. I’m protective of my online identity, I guess.

Hmmm… come to think of it, I didn’t notice any problem when I changed my password. So maybe I wasn’t sent to limbo?

Oh, well, whatever.