To the moderators: When do we get new passwords?

Concerning the recent down-time of the SDMB, and the exhortation to change passwords–well, when do we do this? I got my original password by e-mail; if new ones are issued, do we check our e-mail messages for this or just click on the hyperlink at the heading of a forum?


You can just go into your profile and change it yourself. I don’t think they are going to send out new ones.

I’ll handle this one, guys.

Dougie, your new password is {whispering} Swordfish.


Thanks, Cher. :slight_smile: I’ve succesfully changed my password.

"Hey, what’sa matter–you no unnerstan English?–Chico Marx

Well. This problem seems to have self-corrected. But I’m gonna move it on over to ATMB anyway, just so others with similar questions can see it.

Change Your Password, Please and don’t use HTML, as it has been disabled