Needing another change:Now I need to change my password

I started a thread several weeks ago in which I asked if you could change your SDMB username.As some of you may have noticed(but probably didn’t),I did in fact do that.Now,though,I need to change my password.Can you also do that?If so,would I need to e-mail an administrator to do that like with username changes?
Any help with the matter would be much-appreciated.Thanks.

Go to your UserCP, click the link on the left that says “Edit Email & Password”.

I probably should’ve noticed that before.:smack:
Anyway,thanks a lot for the help.

Please don’t use the same one I use.

Is that request to A Sniveling Mess, or to all of us? 'Cause…well…

OK,but in order to do that I’ll need to know what yours is…:slight_smile:

12345, same as all the rest of us use.

Not me. I use password. Aren’t I clever?

I don’t think you should be giving it out like that!:smiley:

If you still need help please send me an email off the board.

I was going to use my cat’s birthday but it was too hard to remember so I just used birthday instead!

Thanks for the post.That really was a…Oops!That’s all the time we have here tonight!Next time on the Straight Dope Comedy Show
Sorry,I just had to throw that one in.:stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously,though,that really was a nice post.Very clever.:slight_smile:

Wait, you changed your name to A Sniveling Mess?


Is that a question or a statement?:slight_smile:

Idiot. It’s Ialways the same as my cat’s birthday. 9/9/87. LAll cats were born the same day. What’s wrong with you?..