Changing user name (help moderator)

I read you could change your user name if you wanted by emailing a moderator, since there is no option to do so. I’ve emailed 1 tech person (forget the name/details, it was a while ago) and recently emailed moderator David B. I haven’t heard anything back and am not sure what to expect as I haven’t tried to do this before.

Any help from a moderator/someone in the know would be greatly appreciated.

It’s best to email the Admins – especially TubaDiva, Admin of this forum. All the best to you for your namechange, Comatoast.

Thanks for your help Ice Wolf, i’ll give that a go.

I think you should change it to Toast Museum.

Good suggestion, but i’ve got one ready for the occasion.

Curses! Foiled again!


your humble TubaDiva

Shirty in the house!