Characters you would like to see in a new incarnation

So, something I find myself doing is often wishing that someone would do a new series following an old character when their life from the old show ends. Not like some kind of magical transformation, but say like a Cop show ends and we follow the cop in a new business, like as a Mercenary or Bounty Hunter or something. I was thinking about that in terms of Vic Mackey on ‘The Shield’, though don’t spoil it, I’m only in the beginning of Season 6. :wink:

So what characters from a show that had a resolution that didn’t end in the character’s death would you be into following in a new life?

I think an excellent example is Veronica Mars–FBI Agent. I thought that show would have had real possibilities.

I think about this a lot in chick flicks, where the completely incompatible couple gets together because of “twue love,” despite the fact that he is a creepy stalker and she has more issues than National Geographic. How long does the happy ending last?

The Riches hasn’t ended yet, but I envision a spinoff called Wayne Malloy Goes to Washington. Heck, I’d vote for him.