The Shield: Vic Mackey is back!

Four days until the new season of The Shield. Anyone else looking forward to it?

For whatever reason, this is the only show I’ve consistently watched in the past two years. Great acting, interesting storylines, etc.

Was sad to see Glenn Close’s character leave, as I think she really hit her stride towards the end of last year.

So how will Forrest Whitaker do? I’m expecting good things from him.

Talk it up. What will be the major storylines this year?

While driving to work about a month or so ago I show what looked to be a some sort of medical emergency off to the side on Sunset Blvd. A fire truck and an ambulance were there, also a squad car. As I passed I finally saw all the filming equipment. And there chilling against the wall of the buidling… The whole strike team. It was probably my second favorite “Oh! Famous people!” moment in LA…
(First is passing Ron Jeremy passed out on a bench in front of a restaurant.)

I’ve never seen an episode but I think I’d like it. Will I be hopelessly lost if I start watching now?

All I know about it is that the main character isn’t your typical good cop.

Nah, you could drop in. But it wouldn’t hurt your understanding or your enjoyment to go rent the earlier seasons on DVD. (Also, if you dig it, you will love the past seasons).

Me - I’m STOKED. I hope that Forest rocks, because this show is awesome.

  • Peter Wiggen

NOBODY on The Shield is a traditional good guy, or a traditional bad guy, for that matter. The characters are fascinating because they all have shades of gray. Most of them mean well, but you end up constantly wondering whether their ends justify their means. If I were you, I’d just rent the first disc of the first season, if you can. The pilot is all you need to hook you – anyone who sees it all the way through to the end is automatically hooked.

Anthony Anderson did a great job last season. I can’t wait to see what they do with Whitaker. The Shield seems to bring out the best in its cast. I’ve been waiting for this since June. I love this show.

All 4 seasons are released on DVD. That would be a good way to catch up. I don’t think you’ll be totally lost without them, but it would be nicer to see them in order.

I’ll put them in the Netflix queue, but I think I’ll start watching the new season too. I know the discussions will be interesting, and I don’t want to miss out. Or start a Season 5 thread next year, when it’s old hat to everyone else. :slight_smile:

I would highly suggest at least watching the pilot, and as much as you can of Season 1. Not that it’s the best season, but it will at least put you in the mood/atmosphere of the series.

While you can start with Season 5, there are various storylines that have spanned multiple seasons that really give the show its flavor. Not to mention the growth and expansion of the main characters.

In fact, in you have TiVo, I’d recommend trying to fit in as much as you can of the previous seasons, and maybe catch up with us around week 2 or 3.


Not to steal the “official” thread (I forget who started those) but hopefully will be a great season.

Man, I’m glad I get the East Coast feed of FX so I won’t have to wait 3 hours to check the thread.

I just finished watching the replays of the first 4 seasons (The Shield has always been an automatically recorded show on my Tivo list) and I’m psyched to see what’s going to happen tonight.

Is it just me, or is Forrest Whittaker annoying the shit out of everybody else, too?

Are you kidding me? Forest Witaker, one “r” one “t”, is a great actor. I can’t wait to see what they do with him.

Anyone know what the song is that they keep repeating, “I’m a bad man. I’m a bad man.”?

I’m pretty sure it’s by rapping WWE wrestler John Cena.

Forest Whitaker was way over-the-top in his first scene with Aceveda; after that, the character was much more nuanced and interesting.

And I love how subtle the directors of The Shield can be. Did anyone else notice that at the end,

as they’re leading Lem away from his house in handcuffs and Forest Whitaker’s character is trailing behind, you can see a metallic glint in Forest Whitaker’s hand? I have no doubt that that was meant to indicate that he tried the stick of gum trick on Lem, and that Lem (like Aceveda) didn’t take it.

I thought that was a spectacular, and beautifully understated, moment.

The fouth season ended a few weeks ago here in the UK, I got into it during season three, I didn’t think the hype would hold up but it did. Ebay supplied the first season, first episode is an excellent way to start.

Forest Whitaker’s character is kind of weird, I’m not sure what I think. It’s almost like he’s sexually excited by his job. Yeah, take the gum baby. Chew it! Yeah, just like that.

Gadarene, I’m glad they were subtle about that. I didn’t need to see it a third time to get the point (he obviously does it to everyone).

There’s no way Lem will give anything on Vic. Though he might give up Shane instead.

I hate to predict anything for this show, because they almost always prove me wrong, but I think that somehow Whitaker will be proven to be dirty somehow.

I liked just about everything about the episode except for the new captain. I think they need a strong character in that role (whether good or bad) to be a foil to the others in the Barn – the weak bureaucrat-type thing didn’t work for me. I guess maybe Whitaker’s character will take over as the foil.

As far as Whitaker’s character, I also didn’t like him at all in his opening scene, but I think the balance of his scences worked well enough.

I sure am glad this show is back.

Yeah, he is a great actor - except on this episode of The Shield, where he seemed to be taking a cue from the Vincent D’Onofrio school of over-the-top TV acting. Maybe his affectations will grow on me; for now, though, he’s annoying the shit out of me.

I’d go along with that. There’s definitely something a little off about the guy. Pretty much everyone on the show has done something “dirty”, even the ostensibly “decent ones” - remember

Dutch with the cat; Dani’s affair with Vic; Julian with the blanket party; the new acting captain (whose name I can’t recall) doing nothing during the shooting at the car wash; even Glenn Close’s character - showing Antoine the pictures of his son in prison, as well as basically telling Vic to use any means necessary to take down the head of the Salvadoran drug cartel so she could have Antoine.

The only one who seems completely clean is Claudette - and, BTW, what’s going on with her? She’s obviously sick in a major way.

Great episode. I’m always amazed at how they’re able to constantly find new ways the tighten the nosse around the strike team’s collective neck. And I agree with c-goat - no way will Lem give Vic up.