Characters you'd like to see in a comic series

Any additions to the DC or Marvel universes you’d like to create?

I had an idea for one: In the Batman comics, the Joker drives a woman insane and afterwards she thinks she’s a superhero. She isn’t, but she’s insane enough to believe she is. (The voices in her head are “telepathy”; etc.). She wears a pathetic homemade version of a super hero costume- leotard with marker drawn insignia, etc. To add insult to injury, she believes that she and Batman are a husband & wife superhero team, and that Batman is suffering from amnesia caused by an encounter with the Joker. Occasionally the Joker springs her from the asylum just for shits and giggles, and Batman and company have to rescue her from getting herself killed trying to act like a “suit”.

What i’d like to see, for once, is someone in one of the X-Men series being invited to join the team and refusing on the grounds that they’re begin led by a* telepath*; and one of the self-confessed most powerful telepaths on the planet! When does* that* not get suspicious?

But no one ever has. HMMM?!?!? :dubious:

IIRC, in X-Men 100, a would-be killer decked out like Thunderbird comes gunning for the team in general and Xavier in particular because he’s convinced that his brother – who died on his first or second mission – had been mind-controlled into joining up.

Back on-topic, I’d like to see a blind superhuman who doesn’t have powers that substitute for sight: not Daredevil with his radar sense, not Doctor Mid-Nite with his ability to see in the dark, not Gaza with his clairvoyance, not Destiny with her precognition – that’s been done to death.

From the GI Joe fron, how about a Baroness Limited Series?
She’s a fan favorite, & complex enough to carry a series.