Charity extolling

I’m getting sick of a trend on these boards.

People are mentioning charities that combat idiocy, but they DON’T post a link to the website, generating lots of puzzled responses from people who want to help.

Fenris does it here, but he’s by no means the only one.

Yes, I “Gave at the office” Yes I went and found the website ( and I was not the only one). Yes, I’m getting pissed at this trend. Once I found the website, I realized they do very good work, but until that time, bringing up the charity without a link did about as much good as standing on a streetcorner and yelling “Give to the KKK”, just to try and raise funds.

This isn’t griping because I wanted to give money and couldn’t, although I’ve never mentioned this before, certainly not here.

I want to know, humanitarians, how it benefits your charity to mention the organization without posting a link to their website, even as a P.S. The first reason that comes to mind, and I might buy this if not for the fact that said posters have displayed intellegence in previous posts, is that you think everyone knows about the charity already, and a link would somehow sully the purity of their donations. That pretty much defeats the purpose of extolling something in the first place. ( I thought Fenris was pontificating uselessly in the other thread)

I know the people doing this are not intentionally hurting their favorite charities, but it has the same effect. It’s an arrogent habit, and one it’s time to end.

I’m NOT saying stop the charity pleas, far from it, they do outstanding work, I’m just saying “Post a goddamn link so we can send money if we want to help.”

Weirddave, prepared for being called a lazy fuck.

Lazy f*ck

Humorless Fuck

humorless, lazy fuck.

So, are we up to meta-parodies now? Parodies of rants about parodies of rants? The infinite recursion here is dangerous. If I weren’t already a C programmer, it might damage my tiny little mind.