SDMB Donation File...who cares?

Yes, you’re all very special people. Now cut the self-aggrandizing “pat-me-on-the-back” horseshit and just donate your money, time, or whatever. We all deeply appreciate any real donations, of course, but come on. Shut up about it already. It can’t be an accurate running tally, and we all know that donations are pouring in from everywhere, so it doesn’t serve as encouragement for others to “do the right thing.”

It’s nothing more than self-congratulatory pap.

I’ve been a peaceful netizen here for five years, but this “Look at me! Look at me! I’m a good person!” crap is disgusting.

Well, what’s wrong with patting yourself on the back? A huge principle – I’d even say the governing one – in my personal philosophy is Gandhi’s “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Be a role model for other people, in other words.

Sean Penn prioritizing his photographer in his “rescue” boat? Bad role model. (Rescue boat, good role model, but photographer, not so much.)

Saying “Hey, all we Dopers are donating!”? Good role model.

I don’t really have a problem with it. People who do nice things should get credit for them. False modesty is just as offensive as self-aggrandization.

Secondly, “monkey see, monkey do” is pretty apt. I think people are encouraged to donate when their friends are doing so. Nothing is wrong with stating one has donated with this intent in mind, nor is there anything wrong with it if you just want to toot your own horn. So what? If getting a little warm and fuzzy feeling from being recognized for their generosity encourages people to donate, so be it.

And should even be encouraged, IMO! If people start to associate warm-and-fuzzies with charitable giving, I see no bad there!

I didn’t post in that thread to be “self-congratulatory” or to see “who could give the most”. Whether you like it or not, Ogre we are a community here. Just like your local church or office. It’s damn impressive to me that a few strangers on the internet can come together and donate from their hearts to the tune of almost $8000. Isn’t this an awesome country?

We have precious little to be proud of after reading the behaviour of some of the storm victims and I, for one, am damn proud to be a member of this community banding together to help others.

There’s a boatload (no pun intended) of nasty crap that you could be outraged over so you should consider pissing in somebody else’s cornflakes. We’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

By your own logic, this makes no sense. He is, after all, just making sure that his image (as a famous person likely perhaps to influence lots of people) is widely seen and distributed. In terms of donations and far-reaching consequences, his photog may very well be more valuable than whatever supplies he left on the dock to make room for him. Why would you therefore say his is a bad role model?

But I find such rationalization as disgusting as you no doubt do. It’s nothing more than a photo-op for him, and I suspect it’s nothing more than an opportunity to be seen as beatific for many Dopers posting in that thread.

Yay. You’re a wonderful person. Now, for God’s sake, go away. Your halo is blinding. :rolleyes:

Ogre, you are incorrect in your assumptions about why people are posting in that thread, or at least you are in my case.

I haven’t noticed that it has been your habit to jump into harmless, positive threads and crap all over them. Why you chose to do so this time is known only to yourself, but you’re out of character.

Are you quitting smoking or something? Think about it.

Looks to me as if, like the thread title suggests, they are mostly keeping a running tally of what dopers have donated. I didn’t really see any “oooh, I’m so great I donated money” stuff going on.

Just mostly “here’s my fifty, that brings *our[/i[ total up to $Xxxx” type posts. So what? Geesh, grouchy people who like to rain on others’ parade are worse than those who give themselves a little pat on the back!

Giving is a feel good situation…There is an old saying: Our suspicions of others are aroused by the knowledge of ourselves.

That many of the donors are “inaccurate” as far as their stated donations were is a charge that fits the old saying perfectly.

Totally agreed. There is no point to posting to that thread except to show how “great” a person you are. I wouldn’t say it diminishes the gift, since it’ll mean just as much to the receiver as if it were anonymous, but it’s still tacky. And that “making other people donate through example” doesn’t fly. People are either going to be compelled to give or they won’t; I seriously doubt that someone’s going to write a check based on peer pressure from a message board.

And I really have to wonder how many of those posts are accurate; it’s not like people are posting receipts or anything. To which I have to say, I sent $500 to the ARC yesterday and will do so again tomorrow. Love me!

You really shouldn’t have shit in their thread though, shitty a thread as it is.

Speaking of opportunities to serve the public good, your mom missed a chance to do the world a small favor by not just giving your dad a blowjob instead.

How do you know, Ogre, that people adding their donations to the total aren’t also doing other volunteer work to help out the hurricane efforts? I think you’re making a pretty damn big assumption there. And frankly, if people find something to feel good about in this whole godawful mess, then I say more power to them. Or, I should say, us.

Agreed. They’re both disgusting. Glad we can come to terms.

Can’t be. As davenport said, it’s impossible to verify the truth of it (not that I’d want to,) and it can never guarantee it has accounted for all donations. Therefore, as a tally alone, it’s worthless.

Nope. I did that five years ago. I just find the whole thing insufferably tacky.

You misspelled “I’m an utterly insignificant termite.”

Huh? I’m not saying any such thing. They may very well be doing that. And if they are, I’d encourage them to just do it and shut up about it.

On the one hand, to quote Irving Thalberg, “credit you give yourself is not worth having.” On the other, maybe it’ll encourage people to donate and it’s fun for some posters. I’m not sure I’ll post to that thread, but I can’t see getting worked up over it one way or the other.

I rarely if ever post in the pit.

I’m not thrilled with Ogre’s delivery, and think the intrusion in the MPSIMS was bad form.

But…I agree with him in principle. Certainly there is a way to rally the SDMB community in a way that isn’t self-aggrandizing. *(or may appear to some…)*I went to a minor league baseball game the other night and the ushers passed duffle bags accross the rows. They collected $8300 in that one game, and that type of rallying is going on throughout minor league baseball. I’m sure they’ve collected lots of money.

There is nothing wrong with a community or organization coming together for a cause like this. It’s just I’ve never seen one where each individual’s contribution was so plainly published.

It does seem crass to me.

If I had $10—and only $10— to give, I might naturally be reluctant to post after a doper who gives $100. Conversely, if I was inclined to give $1000 it would be unseemly to post that amount given that the average is near $50. (from a cursory glance) I’m sure that there are dopers who have contributed who would not post that here.

Now I don’t doubt for one minute that the intentions by everyone here is good and no one is trying to grandstand. So, “self-aggrandizement” is not appropriate. But the appearance to me seems so…so…immodest.

Like the quote above, I think charity sould be characterized by anonymity. That’s my opinion only.

Still, in the end what counts is results. If that thread raises more money than otherwise would have, than it’s all good.

Nor do I. If it makes you feel good to give charitably, by all means do more. But why do you have to bounce your good deeds off everyone else?

This is precisely what I mean. I’ve been around here a long, long time. I have seen a thousand charity drives on the Dope. Some were self-congratulatory lovefests, but quite a few were an OP asking for donation, a few intermediate posts, and the OP coming back later expressing complete amazement and gratitude at the generous donations people had made anonymously.

You shouldn’t need affirmation from others. The deed should be enough.

Perhaps it was. I have certainly bitched about others shitting in one of my threads before, so I apologize for that. However, my sentiment is unchanged.

Here’s a positive, real-world effect of that thread:

It caused me to literally double what I was going to give.

Before the thread, I was planning on going on-line with a certain amount. When I saw the thread, I thought to myself, "I’ll match whatever the total is tonight… " never dreaming that the total would grow so quickly that I’d have to cut-back on my self-pledge.

So - sneer if you want over unverifiable claims… in one real-world instance that I, at least, can personally verify, the thread caused a substantial increase in dollars donated.