Charlie Daniels got some interesting replies.

As a great many of you know, country singer Charlie Daniels has his own website and twice a week he gets on his “Soapbox” to state his opinions on a great many subjects. Usually his opinions are right-wing and usually, all the replies he gets on his Message Board are in agreement with him. Last week he stated some anti-Kerry opinions on his soapbox


Anyway, I was surprised to see a lot of disagreement with that editorial on his Message Board:

Maybe this should be in the IMHO category but what do you think?

The local news interviewed him right before the RNC, (he’s like a redneck God around here). One of the comments he made that left me speechless was " most people who are anti-Bush, can’t give a single reason WHY they’re against Bush."

Well, I know I can’t give a single reason I’m against Bush. I’m lucky if I can stop before I get to a dozen.

Heh, some wonk on one of the talking head shows was saying that the Kerry campaign needed to figure out where they were opposed to Bush and stop switching their attacks around. I couldn’t help but think, “But they’ve got so many different targets…”

For the first time, I decided to reply to one of Mr Daniels’ rants. In his June 21st “rant” entitled “Real Choice”,
he urged all Americans to go to the polls in November and he insisted he was being impartial by saying:

So, I said since he just recently made 2 anti-Kerry rants, has he decided to stop his policy of being ‘impartial’ OR can we now expect 2 consecutive anti-George Bush “rants” ?