Charlie Sheen's Future

Within the next six to twelve months, what do think is Charlie Sheen’s future?


Hookers and blow.

Yeah, I’ll take that D in spelling.

Shoot, I didn’t see you meant the next 6 to 12 months.

My bad. I voted “body bag” and in reality, I just think he’ll party another few years before he dies.

He’s riding high at the moment because he set the new standard for celebrity insanity. Since I believe he has deep sixed his chances of returning to any serious or legitimate and respected acting career, he will have to continue on this path which each new antic being more bizarre than the last. Or until someone else tops him

I’m not even sure a warlock has that kind of sustainability.

Institutionalized was not listed as a choice.

(do we still have insane asylums?)

I think an arrest is most likely of the three possibilities. He seems to average about one every 3-6 months.

The press will get bored with him and he’ll go into rehab and then come out and everyone will say what a brave person he was for going into rehab. Or he’ll get arrested and forced into rehab and everyhone will say what a brave person he was for going into rehab :slight_smile:

Genital warts and a stuffy nose…

What about option D? He continues to use drugs/hookers but does not die or go to prison.
Thats where my vote goes.

Duh. Winning!

This is why he owes it to us to die in a motel room with a needle sticking out of his cock and a hooker tied up in the bathroom.

I optimistically voted “handcuffs,” cause I don’t see him in rehab and I hope it’s not a body bag.

“Very small rocks.”

He’s so high profile now he’s bound to be caught doing something and then, once monitored and tested he’ll violate again and again and eventually go to jail where he belongs.


I think that’s presuming too much. You never know what will happen with actors.

I really don’t think even Charlie Sheen needs more than one poll at a time. Y’all can vote in this one.