Sheen: Just Another Lohan?

Holy shit! Talk about committing “star- studded suicide”!

This guy just can’t get it right, can he?

First he talks about what a life saver his bosses were, then he drags them through the dirt!

Another Jan-Michael Vincent “in the wings”, or can he pull out of it Robert Downey Jr., style?

Hell, what’s wrong with playing it straight???

Or is “playing it straight” going to be the new “without a net” (crutch) at some point?


Let’s talk about some actors (and by that I include the ladies!) who have done it without nose candy, smack or anything relative!


A serious as hell film buff!


I think so. I propose that we use Lohan as a verb for career suicide. Example: Two and a Half Men was a success until Sheen got too crazy and lohaned his acting career.

You got it backwards.

Lohan is becoming Charlie Sheen. That guy has been a loser for almost 25 years. I recall in the late 1980’s he was in trouble and so was Emilo.
Back then, Charlie Sheen dated Kelly Preston and accidentally shot her in the arm. She left him and married John Travolta.

FAIK Emilo straightened up and he’s doing ok these days. Charlie never grew up.

15 years from now (assuming she’s alive) Lohan won’t even be recognizable. It’s a shame. There’s still time to turn it around, but I don’t think she really wants too.

Here’s a list of Charlies problems going back to 1990. Amazing that he’s avoided prison so far. He’s brutalized several women over the years.

Good grief the man has problems. I know plenty of peole in my neighborhood, that act just like him, the difference is they can’t afford to get help.

I like Sheen, he is a good actor and does well in comedy.

But now he has a lot of money and isn’t using it correctly. To often we (myself included) equate money with happiness and as the sole measure of success.

Yes having a healthy checkbook is a nice thing, but let’s face it if Sheen gets hit by a bus and killed tomorrow, what good did it do him? Look at Michael Jackson, he has so much money and fame, everyone was too afraid to say “Stop acting like a jerk and grow up.” In his case his money bought him a world where he couldn’t cope, 'cause he didn’t have to.

I wish Sheen would take some of that money and use it to get some help.

But truthfully he is acting like a jackass. How many of us can honestly say we’ve never acted like a jackass in our life? Difference is he gets put on TV and his stupid actions get broadcast around the world. Whereas when I made a fool out of myself, it was forgotten in an hour.

And to be fair, we only hear the bad. How many times does TMZ, report on all the actors who make a lot of money and go home and fall asleep in front of their couch leading (relatively) boring lives.

But Sheen’s had a career for these 25 years, which means he’s not nearly as good at career self-destruction as Ms. Lohan.

That’s true. Charlie is an incredible talent. He could have been a major movie star. He’s done good work on 2 1/2 Men in spite of his demons.

There’s always some hope. Charlie seemed to straighten up for a couple years after Heidi Fleiss and rehab. He married, and had kids. Then things went bad again. Maybe he’ll eventually find a way to live a normal life. For his family’s sake, I hope so.

His radio rant sounds almost like a “Jim Jones Sings Guyana Love Songs” commercial.

I think his choice of Interviewer is rather telling also… Alex Jones!!!

Charlie gave me a new signature

Sheen was one of the names on Heidi Fleiss’s customers list back in the 1990’s. His problems go way back.

I read an interview with Martin Sheen how how he went to the judge and asked that his son face punishment for his drug crimes back in 2008, and later Charlie thanked daddy for saving his life. Kinda ironice, isn’t it?

ETA:I hardly think Charlie is a good actor. He got lucky when Chuck Lorne saw the potential for allowing him to act like himself and surrounded him with incredible supporting actors who carry the show. If it were just Sheen, it would have bomed fucking big time.

I like how he’s going to leave the set of his TV show and go work with superstars on movie sets. Would anyone actually hire him for a movie after this? I doubt it.

I can guarantee you will NEVER see him on Broadway

But that is a good thing, right?

I wonder what’s in it for you with all the hate for the guy? I mean, clearly, all of this exists in the media and media has to make money. How do you wake up and say – I hate this guy when, in fact, you have no clue who the guys is. I don’t get it, obviously.

If I have to pass a judgment here I only wish I could hang out with the guy sometime but I would probably pass out within an hour.

Careful, he might do things to you while you’re out.

NO CLUE? The guy is making more money in a year than most of us do in a lifetime and he is blowing it on whores and drugs. He is asshole supreme.

I feel bad for him, despite his money…he’s obviously got a really bad problem and can’t possibly be happy living this way.

Morally, Charlie Sheen is certainly as reprehensible as Lindsay Lohan, but nobody in Hollywood cares about that.

If Charlie Sheen is still working and making big money, it’s NOT because there’s some kind of Hollywood double standard at work. It’s because SOME people are able to show up for work and give a good performance, even if they’re going crazy with booze, drugs and sex during their free time.

Keith Richards has done every drug under the sun, but he’s almost never missed a gig or a rehearsal, and has been a prolific songwriter. Hence, the Stones have always forgiven and forgotten his offenses, because even at his worst, Keith had the ability to focus on his work. An equally talented guitarist who blew off rehearsals, showed up at gigs too stoned to play, and who never contributed any songs WOULD have been fired.

Charlie Sheen is a slimeball in his spare time, but he has usually showed up for work and given solid comic performances. Robert Downey Jr. was the same way. If Lindsay Lohan were a “bad girl” in her off-time but a complete professional on the set, she’d still work steadily. Unfortunately, she can’t flip a switch as Keith, Charlie and Downey did, and become a consummate pro from 9 to 5.

He’s been on the wrong side of the law since at least 1986 :slight_smile: