Charlie Webster blames Romney's loss on Mystery Black People:

Maine GOP head, Charlie Webster blames Romney’s loss on Mystery Black People:

He goes on to say that “he heard” that “some guys” were going door to door, telling people that Republicans were going to take away their welfare and disability payments.

But don’t worry, everyone! He’s got a cunning plan to smoke out all the illegal voters!

Too good to not to share but I couldn’t decide where else to put it.

Oh my! Literally dozens of black people voting, in Maine! What will we ever do?

Didn’t Obama win Maine by 100,000 votes?

You can find (or be subjected to) a lot of this right now. In a country of 300 million people it’s probably a given that a few million people will go nuts after their presidential candidates loses, but you can find people saying that in some predominantly black areas there were votes cast than there were registered voters, that Romney was somehow improbably shut out in some virtually all-black precincts, and in general that some kind of Democratic machine fraudulently cooked up votes in states or areas where Obama was winning by a ton anyway. If the Birthers are bored or dejected, maybe they’ll cotton to this instead. I don’t think this means much of anything, but if it takes root it’ll be a bad sign for people who think the Republicans are going to wise up.

Yes, by about 107,000 votes or 15 percentage points. Maine awards its electoral votes by Congressional district and a month or two ago Romney was talking about winning one of those votes, maybe in the 2nd district. Of course we know now that most of the campaign’s own projections were wildly over-optimistic. I am not sure results by Congressional district are available yet, so maybe they think Obama stole the second district. If so, I think Romney only needs to flip another measly 61 electoral votes to win.

Some of the (middle aged, suburban, well-educated, well-off, white) guys I work with claim that the Obama campaign pulled a variety of dirty tricks to win this year and in 2008. They make no mention of the big Tea Party wins in 2010. I’m not about to call BS on the guys who sign my paycheck, but this sounds like some kind of paranoid 40-years out of date wish-fulfillment. There are two main themes.

  1. Voter intimidation at polling places by “the Black Panthers”. Specifically, they say it occurred in Philadelphia (and unspecified other places) this year and in 2008. The intimidation consisted of “big black guys with billy clubs, glaring at people” inside or near the entrance to polling places.
  2. Payment (usually said to be cigarettes or alcohol) of poor/minority/illegal immigrant people in exchange for Democratic votes, combined with organized transportation of such people to cast multiple votes all over town.

Lacking any means of graceful exit, I joked about how I didn’t realize the Black Panthers existed anymore and if they were going to be effective at voter intimidation, they’d have to be the toughest octagenarians in the country.

Are there any photos, video, emails etc. of anybody of any ethnicity or political faction engaging in these tactics? It’s hard to imagine that in the era of people tweeting photos of the hamburger they had for lunch, nobody put this up on the web. Super bonus points if someone identifies himself as a Black Panther on camera.

Or roughly 8,917 dozen.

Now I sooo want to photoshop a black panther (animal) into a shot of people waiting in line to vote.

Merged two threads on election fraud topics.

Fox News’ top story on election day 2012 was that a Black Panther appeared at a polling station in Philly. They confirmed that he was a designated poll watcher, then continued to insist that this was somehow “news”.

But he was standing!Near the door! THE DOOR!

This is not racism. It is rooted in a dislike of berets that is a natural outgrowth of hating the French.

If all these black people can steal the presidential election, why can’t they steal the House of Representatives too? If they did, they really would control the government. Or haven’t they been foillowing the news for the last 4 years?

On behalf of all the sane people of Maine, please accept my apologies for the publicity one of our resident loons is bringing to Maine.

Would anyone have a vacancy he can fill? I’ll pay the shipping!

Send him to California… We’re used to crazy here, and the Democratic margin is large enough, he won’t threaten it.

(In San Diego, the Republican Party’s numbers dropped to below the numbers of Independents. They’re a 3rd Party here.)

Now, this is a limited offer…

Oh sure, sure. The notable part about this (aside from the irresistable headline) is that Charlie Webster is the (admittedly outgoing) head of the Maine GOP,not some random Bagger. I don’t know who they plan to replace him with but I hope he buys enough stamps.

Don’t look at me, at one of our first meetings for the Ad Hoc Committee to Steal This Election I raised an objection to the “get dozens of black folks to vote in Maine” tactic as being too obvious. Apparently our plan has been discovered.

These people cost Mitt Romney the election. And yet if he were to have these people killed, he would be the one to go to prison. That’s democracy for you.


Now, let’s not be too hasty.

When asked about the veracity of Charlie White’s claims over in the “ID Demanding vote suppression thread”, Bricker replied:

So is it within the realm of possibility that black strangers somehow managed to make their way to polling stations in small towns in Maine, and cast ballots?

Bricker seems to be dancing around the issue quite a bit here, and is choosing his words very carefully, and is not actually saying that this indeed happened.