Charmed on DVD

My wife liked the TV show, Charmed, but according to Amazon it is not on DVD. Any dopers know the dope? Is it going to be on DVD?

This site usually has the latest news, but it doesn’t show a release date through the rest of the year.

Tvshowsondvd said that it will not be out on DVD any sooner than 2005 because of some sorts of rights issue. It’s the #1 most requested TV show not yet on DVD, by the way.

Thanks both. I guess getting it as an August bday gift is not going to happen.

I can’t believe it is the #1 DVD request considering they have not yet commited to a Small Wonder release. I mean, Charmed may have three magical witches, but Small Wonder had a little girl playing a robot. Now that’s comedy!

Heh. It hasn’t been #1 very long…only since they finally put Roswell out on DVD. (Sienfield is #2 if anyone was wondering). You might have to register to see the chart, but it’s there when you log in.

Here’s the news page link. Looks like they’ve updated the estimate to late 2005 :frowning: