Cheap Places to stay in Ocean City, Md.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Ocean City, Md., for the first time. I had never been there before, so I booked a room through AAA for a night. It ended up costing about $200 for the night and it was on the “mainland.” When I got to Ocean City I saw hundreds of hotels there. Does anyone have any insight on cheap places to stay there?

I’ve been to Ocean City, MD many, many times and it is crazy expensive to stay there for a week. Mertle Beach, SC is 1/2 the price for a similar place. Here are some trends. Ocean front is the most expensive. The middle near the road on the bay side is usually cheaper. The lower numbered streets tend to have some of the cheaper properties (near the boardwalk) as this is where the high schoolers tend to stay during senior week. The high rises around 100th street tend to be some of the priciest properties. If you go in the off season (September to the beginning of June) prices are cheaper. Everything is up and running in May, June and in September, so those are good times to go if you want it cheaper. Getting a trailer on the bay side Montego Bay 130 street used to be a good deal. They have permanent double wides that are nice for a week stay if you have a family. For short notice you are best off to stay at a hotel in the low numbers on the bay side.

I once spent a weekend in Ocean City, I think we stayed at the Sea Spray Motel. They’re currently running a three weekday special for $99.

BTW: check out the lodging page at Ocean City’s site for other ideas.

You could always go camping.