Cheerleaders...who cares!

Im stationed on a Navy vessel in Italy. Today the command decided to bring in some famous football teams cheerleaders. I dont know which team because I dont care. So I go to eat lunch and heres all these cheerleaders. Now, Im a straight single male so you would think this would do something for me. It doesnt. Something about it bothered me actually. I finally figured out what it was. I feel that the command thinks that by bringing in a group of very attractive women that my moral will increase. So it can be assumed that they think my morale pivots on the ability or opportunity to talk to an attractive woman. How insulting. I dont need to interact with a cheerleader to fulfil my day. My closing statement to this command “You cant buy me off with a cheerleader!”

They were pretty hot though…haha

It’s gotta be better than looking at the back of your bunkmate. You know what they say… 500 sailors go out, 250 couples come back.

[sub]I keed, I keed[/sub]

If my distant memories of high school are accurate, cheerleaders didn’t increase my morals either. :smiley:


Why not just bring in strippers and give every sailor a free lap dance?

That would increase morale for awhile. :wink:

Along with pulse rate.

Just out of curiosity, does your ship have an all-male crew? If not, what do they plan for the morale of the female sailors?

Ah, yes, I recall the sexism of my enlisted days with great, um, something…

That did not go over well the last time it was tried:

At least the Navy is only situationally homosexual.

I’m sure you know exactly what I mean, flyboy. :wink:

What? Do I sense a little inter-service rivalry here?

Naaah. Couldn’t be. :wink:

I always wondered when you see those lame TV specials “Nick and Jessica go to entertain the troops” how they get these guys interested in seeing them?

Military troops don’t seem to mesh with my vision of a “Nick and Jessica” fan.
Do these guys get razzed pretty good if they attend these things?
Do they entice them with other things like “Free food from WhiteCastle!! at the nick & jessica show.”

What…nobody’s going to beat up on this guy for his lack of apostrophes? This is carrying ‘support the troops’ just too damn far!

Couple of things.

On a ship onstation, or in a combat zone, boredom is pretty high. Any diversion is welcome, even if it is of the Nick and Jessica variety.

For a high profile visitor like this, too, the command will make sure an appropriate welcome is shown the visitors. If that means compelling attendance to the show, that will be done.

That said, the USO has done a better job in recent years bringing decent entertainment to the troops. The 2004 tour schedule should bear this out.

You can help keep this going by remembering the USO in your annual charitable giving.

I can’t help by be reminded of the scene in Spinal Tap where the band shows up to play the monthly NCO Club dance.

Fred Willard: “Hey, would you guys play a slow number sometime - I’d like to dance with my wife.”

Shoe shopping? :smiley:

The Navy version of that wouldn’t be much fun.

“Would you be interested in Bates Lites today, or are you looking at boondockers?”