Chevy Chase also diet coke?

We can all remember Chevy Chase, whatever
in the world happened to him lately? He was so big in the 80’s and now you don’t
even hear a peep about him?

Do you think this Diet coke thing just
doesn’t live up to its name? I mean when
you think diet you lose weight, have
less calories blah blah blah…
At the same the soft drink melts your
bones, and sure has no nutritional
value whatsoever so what’s the big woop
about diet in that it doesn’t replace
Slim Fast which is at least natural
in content?

Run-on sentence of the year goes to…

It melts your bones? AAAAHHHHHH!

Chevy Chase has done more than 8 movies since 1990.,+Chevy

Well, it has one calorie vs. 140 for a “regular” Coke, so diet seems appropriate. It’s made by the Coca-Cola Company, so Coke seems appropriate. All-in-all, I think it’s a fine name.

Actually, I you have to do more than think diet to lose weight. Nice thought, though.

Yes, it does yadda yadda yadda

Starting, apparently, with the skull.

Um, I don’t think it’s marketed as a subsitance drink.

Every year I take the kids to the wilderness to relax in the natural Slim Fast springs. We prefer the chocolate river, but the stawberry geyser is a sight to behold! Of course, all of the wildlife is damn near two deminsional.

The overwhelming majority of people have more than the average (mean) number of legs. – E. Grebenik

Doc I must say that your reply was quite humorous, especially the part about the Slim Fast springs. Thanks for the laugh.


No, Chevy Chase and Diet Coke are entirely separate and distinct entities.

Sorry about my wacky english!
Just the fact that now you don’t hear much about Chevy Chase?

Yes! Diet coke is a separate issue obviously…
It’s just that when you do consider the
word diet you think nutrition? Also,
nutrisweet is not good for health
anyway right?

I suspect you’re free not to drink it if you feel that way…

There are a lot of ULs about aspartame/Nutrasweet. About the only rap widely accepted by nutritionists & the medical community is the idea that aspartame may stimulate the appetite & thus backfire on the poor person trying to eat fewer calories.

Since Diet Coke is not intended to be consumed IN PLACE OF real food (as opposed to, say, SlimFast), its negligible nutritive content is an advantage.

Sue from El Paso

Is there a pun here somewhere that I’m not getting?

Keeves, I think what Kat was saying is that when you read the title to this thread, it is assumed that you read it as “Chevy Chase (is)also Diet Coke”, as in A=B. Which of course they don’t unless he mutated because of that toxic waste in Fletch.

…it has never been my way to bother much about things which you can’t cure.

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Geezis, the worse this gets, the better it gets!