Chicago Blizzard 2/1/2011

Here in Lincoln Park it’s looking grim. How are fellow dopers holding out?

I got to work about 3pm. Plan to stay until 9 or 10. Don’t use a car to get to work, so unless it’s so bad I need GPS to walk to and from the train, it’s just really windy and snowy to me.

Bitterly cold. Mores then you would expect if that make sense.

I may get flamed for saying so, but I wish I were there to see it. My family moved from the Chicago area shortly after the 1979 blizzard, and I’ve missed experiencing heavy snow ever since.

Battened down the hatches! Would normally be working 2-11 but our office closed so I get a snow day :smiley: I’m trying to dig out the front door every couple of hours, but it’s drifting right onto that and the garage door. Not worried about getting stuck in here, but it’s better to do a little at a time than tomorrow when it’s all accumulated.

UPS was still delivering at 3pm today, I was kinda surprised. I expected it would be delayed. The weather warning I read forecasted potential thundersnow. whee!

Not by me. I love the snow and would miss the hell out of it if I moved to a non-snow climate.

Our office downtown closed early, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we’re closed tomorrow, too. My plan is to run the snowblower a few times over the course of tonight / tomorrow morning, because there’s no way it can handle doing a foot at a time.

Northwest Indiana. Work canceled. I did my grocery shopping two days ago, there’s gas in the vehicles, emergency water stash on hand (if we lose power our well goes out, so we need to keep water on hand), snow shovel by the door. Work canceled for tomorrow, too. Have emergency lighting on hand for just in case. New dvd stack of the second season of Fringe. Books and other entertainment on hand in case of power loss.

We’re set. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. We’re hunkered down whether it’s as bad a predicted, better, or worse.

At work right now in Lakeview, on Clark St. north of Belmont. I’m suprised how many people are still outside. It is starting to look nasty.

I live on Sheridan Road north of Granville right on the lake so getting home should be interesting around 11pm tonight. I should have a good front row seat for interesting things going on along the lakefront as I am on the 11th facing the lake and downtown.

The wind is howling along with the snow here in Lincoln Park, and I’ve seen/heard one flash of lightning/thunder so far. Looking out the window, it looks like a campfire gone bad, with all the swirling snow.

PS - too bad there’s no incumbent running for Mayor that we can blame this all on!

School canceled down here in the southern suburbs, work canceled for me tomorrow (thank god, since I work in north Lincoln Park!), garbage pick up canceled tomorrow as well. My church just emailed me and says it’s closed, too.
The wind is something else–it’s blowing so much of the snow, it looks foggy out.

I also love a good snowstorm (as long as we have power). Sorry you’re missing it, VT.

Well, I was enjoying watching it for a while…then my windows got all covered in sticky snow and now I can’t see anything! :frowning:

School/work closed for all of us tomorrow. I was planning on keeping us all home anyway, but I’m glad we won’t miss anything now.

Where’s the hot chocolate?

I’m on the North Shore. Dominicks was packed with panicky rich folk who need their steaks and evian :slight_smile:

I finished work around 3, settled in at home and am taking the day off tomorrow.

Working at an animal shelter, taking a snow day isn’t an option. We’ll all be here Wednesday. Most of us take CTA anyway, a few bike, and the ones who drive can still take CTA as an option. One hard-core cyclist revels in riding through the unplowed steets, no cars and says he feels like a little kid again. Love him, but he’s weird. He doesn’t drive, so I reminded him that cars can’t stop, and he said, “neither can I!” I had no answer for that!

Lincoln Square here, I’m pretty sure there’s a snownado going down my street. There’s about a four foot snow drift across the street, but the snow is so low in front of my place I can still see the grass.

Albany Park here - power is out starting from the house south of us, for about a block - 53 homes in all. Apparently we’re on a different transformer; let’s hope it holds out.

Tomorrow: first bona fide snow day of my entire career! Of course, if the power goes out here, I might decide to go in to work anyway.

Our upstairs neighbor says he just shoveled the walk; I don’t know why he bothered, because the winds are whipping like crazy and the snow is just starting in earnest (I keep humming songs from The Wizard of Oz). I suspect he thinks if he shovels before there’s any actual snow, it’ll be someone else’s turn tomorrow morning when it’s 2 feet deep - schmuck.

P.S. WhyNot, plenty of hot chocolate over here! We may run out of milk to make it with, though, if this keeps up.

Lost power at work in Lakeview at about 8pm tonight. Everyone west of Clark St seems ok. I know Sheffield’s has power because I stopped for a bourbon to refresh myself.

Anyway, the Red Line is crumbling. I’ve been sitting at Belmont for 10 minutes; the train will go to Addison and we will change to a train that will only go as far as Granville. There are apparently major signal problems at Howard.

Lakeview (Ashland & Irving). Wind howling, snow blowing sideways out of the north, visibility maybe 200 yards and dropping. Snow accumulation modest till 8 p.m. or so but has noticeably increased since. I was around for the storms of '67, '79 and '99 but none had winds like this. Power and heat fine, but Internet access comes and goes. Ha, thunder and lightning just now! All we need is earthquakes, locusts and waterspouts and we’ll have covered the gamut of meteorological possibilities.

This from the CTA website:

"Red and Purple Line trains are experiencing delays, due to signal and switch problems in the area of Howard. Crews are working to correct the problem. Please allow extra travel time. Bus substitution is available from Howard to Belmont to provide service through the affected area.

“Service on the Yellow Line has been temporarily suspended due to signal and switch problems at Howard.”

Just made it from Belmont to Addison. Signals are very messed up. The Red Line is running very slow.