Chicago Dopers, help finding a piece of equipment?

So, I’m doing an art fair next weekend and I need to find one of those rotating greeting card displays. I can get one online but i’m trying to find one locally so I can get it right away and not pay shipping.

Does anybody know a store that sells retail equipment in the city or near north suburbs?

Yeah, I should have bought it sooner. What can I say, my confirmation name was for St. Procrastinatium.

Floor or counter top model?

Does it need to be a specific color?

What days do you need it?

Can you pick it up or does it need to be delivered?

Countertop. :smack:

220 N. Washtenaw

Excellent! Thx Mike.

Incidentally you’ll see my drunk ass stumbling around Wells this weekend, hope I don’t knock over your cards!

Nah, I’ll be in Wilmette at Plaza Del Lago. It’s Art on the Plaza, courtesy of the North Shore Art League. Stop by if you’re sober enough to make the trip. :wink:

Nah, I’m walking distance to the Old Town Art Fair and that’s the only mode of transportation I’ll be capable of employing…and that maybe not so much.

I might stop by Wilmette, what sort of stuff will you have?

Black and white photographs, matted and framed, and greeting cards made from some of the photos.

Tell all your friends!

Cool< I like that stuff. My LR is decorated in Ansel Adamds and the like and I especially like street or alley scenes going off at an angle, hard to describe but back streets and things like that.