Chicago Meeting Minutes

Ok, this is going to be long, so bear with me. I took notes.

I got to the Bird’s Nest around 5:30 and it was packed, but I didn’t see any groups that looked like ours, so I got a soda and sat down next to some guy. About 10 minutes later 3 people walked in, and I guessed that they were ChrisCTP, Boli, and Neobican - I was close enough, it was Jophiel instead Neobican. Then the guy I had been sitting next to introduced himself as Uncle Beer. Ukelele Ike was next, then after a while Guadere and Android showed up. Omni didn’t bother showing up until after 8.

Earlyish in the evening, we were mistaken for a church group of some sort, which we all loved.

We started dishing about everyone on the board right away, and here is the list of those that got mentioned:

SquirlCub, Satan, Flora McFlimsey, Mjollner, Mullinator, CdextHavn, Coldfire, Cecil, Saxface, Cap’n Crude, TubaDiva, Shadowfox, Manhattan, C#3, Diane, Stoidela, Konrad, Phaedrus, Sterling North, orangecakes, Matt mcl, kellibelli, Doobieous (pausing here to breathe…)

Ayesha, the Lion, Alphagene, psycat90, Mark Serlin, WallyM7, Sealemon, ChiefScott, Pricciar, TennHippie, TVeblen, Auraseer, dHanson, John Ai/Han$#*&^%(, Melin, jodih, cmkeller, Triskedemus, Beeruser, funeefarmer, Shirley Ujest, Rich Hall, plDennison, Drain Bead, Byzantine, Auntie Pam (not the Anti-Pam, as I thought Uke said), Old Broad (and now, onto page 3 of the notes…)

tatertot, I’mthecowgodmoo, jazzmine, michelle, eden, E1Skeptic, VogueVixen, Falcon, Canadian Sue, the purplecrackwhore, neuro-trash grrl, Cessandra, Neobican, Guanolad, Bug Vomit, Arnold Winklereid, Big Louie, White Wolf, Homer, Polycarp, God,(this may seem neverending, but let’s face it, you all want to know if you were mentioned)…

El Mariachi Loco, Strainger, Stoidela, Opalcat, Sweetness Smackdown (or whatever that was), and klanman.

OK, that’s out of the way. A lot more happened and was discussed, but I’ll let the rest of 'em fill you in on what they can remember. I have to get up for traffic court in a couple of hours, plus my fingers are about to start bleeding from all that typing :slight_smile:

You beat me home to start a thread about this, and the best you can come up with for a thread title is “Chicago Meeting Minutes”??? How weak, but what can you say about someone who bails early, and quits drinking 1/2 way through the night. I thought you were going to come up with something that everyone would feel the burning desire to read. Ho hum, really folks the meeting was far more entertaining than this, with Val making quite a showing…

Omni opened up his pie-hole and out came:

I just thought you’d like that better than if I called it “Omni Needs to Be Smacked Around,” which WILL be happening if you don’t zip it regarding:

If you start in on THAT subject, I may just have to spill some info on YOU. I think we learned last night that I can take ya in a fair fight, Sparky. :slight_smile:

Oooo! Spill, Valerie! Spill! We want details!

grabs the popcorn and sits back to watch

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Oh crap, I guess I’m supposed to post more of the stuff I had to write down last night. As far as our impressions of each other, we all decided that Omni is younger than we thought, Shannon is tinier than we thought, and Jophiel isn’t so much a girl (he wanted me to say that he has a 12-inch penis, but I don’t think any of us got proof of that) (I hope, anyway). Uncle Beer looks like an Uncle Beer. We all expected Android to be a lot geekier than he is, and we all thought Boli (Stacy) was a guy. We thought that Chris would be older, and I think everyone agreed that Uke can pull off wearing a scarf without looking like Dr. Who.

At some point after quite a few drinks, Omni threated to kick Uncle Beer’s ass. I think the rest of us would’ve paid to see that, but as it turns out, Omni’s all talk.

Almost all of us are smokers - Uke said, “take that, Flora!”

10:38 PM - Felching was discussed
10:40 PM - Android almost yakked when Gaudere explained felching to him

After a few more drinks, Omni and Andy shared a warm embrace over the fact that they’re both drunks.

Sometime around then, Omni told us all that it’s lame to meet people from the internet. Can you SEE what a troublemaker this guy is?

Oh, I was supposed to mention somewhere that Uke and Uncle Beer are old.

Chris got ahold of my notebook and wrote a bunch of smartass remarks about me. I think we’ll just skip over those.

The old folks and Jophiel all abandoned us pretty early - I think around midnight. The rest of us closed up the Bird’s Nest and then went to the Green Mill. I left the Mill around 3:20, but the rest of 'em were planning a slumber party over in Chris & Boli’s hotel room.

OK, that should give you guys some of an idea about the meeting, and later on I might post what we said about all of you! Here’s a hint: SquirlCub - Unhealthy fascination w/ “Small Wonder?” PERHAPS.

Cool. I got mentioned.

Probably something along the lines of “Is it Seal mon, Silly mon, or Sea Lemon?”

Glad y’all had a good time.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I was mentioned by TFI and the Windy City Wonder Wonks.


Hmmm…I bet what was mentioned about me was the traditional “Is Falcon a guy or a girl?”

If not, enlighten me! :slight_smile:

All that cool stuff and beer too. ::Sigh::
I’ve got one taker for my Norfolk meeting.

I gotta get transferred to a bigger city so’s I can meet some of you dopes… er… dopers.

Now how could Ukulele Ike be old? Only young, dynamic musicians play the ukulele.

And thank you to the Chicagoans for mentioning my name in conversation, however briefly. I can feel the love.

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Yeah, I was dissed in the Windy City!
(Was this before or after the discussion on Felching…)

Well, I just surfaced i’m 5 hours 20 minutes late for work and counting and i’ve a hangover from hell…hmmm, bed seems like the better option. That was a cool night. I’ll recount details later…when the old grey matter begins to function :).

I overslept too, but only by an hour. I suspect I woke up, turned of my alarm and went back to bed. But the boss is out, so my tardiness was unnoticed, not that anyone would have minded if I was late anyhow. No hangover for me–ha! I seem to be pretty immune to 'em.

Hmm, what can I add? Omni looks like a frat boy. None of us really told our friends that we were meeting someone from a message board; it’s “too weird”. I told my bro, but he’s even geekier than me. It is strange to walk into a bar trying to find a group of people when you have very little clue what they look like. We tried to spot the other dopers by their lost expression as they looked around the bar, and wondered if shouting out “Omniscient!” would make us look too strange.

No one is sure how to pronounce my name, including me. About half of us pronounce “pricciar” as “pricker”. We also discussed all the mods, and I would have preffered not mentioning any trolls at all, to avoid giving the the satisfaction. Jophiel was hanging out on the velvet couch with two babes, and we got Uke to do a shot of Jagermeisters. All of us are far more stunningly attractive and intelligent than you guys already think we are. :slight_smile:

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Okay, so I’m predictable…


What’d you say about me!?!? C’mon, tell me, tell me, please?

Yer pal,

OK, c’mon, what I want to know is, what did everyone look like? I provided a pretty good visual image of the NY gang, and I expect the same from you guys out there in the Great Midwest!

We had a camera and a small webpage is going to be constructed to commemorate the occasion, so the verbal description would just fail to do us justice.

Does anyone have a scanner besides me? You can just send me the pics and I’ll scan 'em and put them up on my website.

I just don’t think we need to post ANY pictures. NONE of them… and especially not one in particular. So, I’ll just try to describe people:

Omni looks like a frat boy, as Gaudere said. He’s pretty tall and has dark hair.

Ok, Gaudere is very petite w/ dark hair also. She looks nothing like a frat boy.

Android is average height, I’d say, with dark hair, and he was wearing some sort of soccer shirt. His accent was cool until he got too shloshed and we could barely understand him at all :wink:

ChrisCTP is on the short side, w/ short-short hair. She wears glasses and has green eyes.

I already mentioned that Uncle Beer looks like an Uncle Beer, but he’s tall w/ dark hair and glasses as well.

Uke isn’t as tall as Uncle Beer, I don’t think, but he’s still on the tall side and has blondish hair and wears glasses too. Does not look like Dr. Who, even while wearing a scarf. Oh, and I seem to remember him having an earring.

Stacy is about average height, with light brown hair and I think blue eyes.

Ok, so now you know what we look like. No need to put any pictures anywhere on the web.

Are you implying that I don’t speak the Queen’s English when inebriated? Shurely shome mishtake?

Just be glad you’re not speaking Ger-- nevermind.

Anyway, what can I add?
Chris thought we’d all look more glamourous, so we must of been a let down for her.

I showed up like six days early at Chris/Boli’s hotel, so that must of been fun for them, although they took it rather graciously.

Valerie did an A class job of picking the joint, and the velvety couches and nudie art on the walls made it a swanky establishemnt to be meeting in.

Gaudere had the single most cool line of the night, and she already knows what it was.

Uncle Beer bought me my first beer of the evening, thus securing his legacy in my top 5 Posters list

I ate half of Chris’s sandwich

I ate 3/4 of Chris’s curly fries

Omni showed up late and blamed it on the Bears game.

Everyone was worried about me when I left, but as you can see, I made it home alive and intact.

Android is a geek. Well, he’s a geek because he’s partially named after RoboCop. Everyone else said RoboCop wasn’t geeky, but that just means that they’re all geeks as well.

Ike’s wife must be a saint. While Ike was drinking and carrying on, Mrs. Ike was watching Pokémon, the Movie.

Try to get in your round of drinks when the party numbers four and not nine :wink:

I am not a female.

Boli is.

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