New York SDMB Meeeting Minutes

Well, it looks like I am the only one upright this morning, so it will be up to me to fill everyone in.

Ike, Melanie, Manhattan, Alphagene and I all congregated at a cozy Russian dive last night in midtown, had a lovely time. They all knocked back the vodka like Prohibition was about to come back in, while I was named the Designated Wisecracker and confined myself to tea (and prescription painkillers, like the rest of the grownups).

We had a lovely time, everyone was just as gorgeous and witty and chic as you’d expect–we dished the hell out of all of you. Who we like and dislike; who has good and absent senses of humor; who was wise or foolish to post their photos, etc.

Ike’s in a meeting this morning (above or under the table, I don’t know). Let’s see if the others managed to crawl to their respective offices . . .

That meeting must be hell for Uke Ike. Flora, I wish you would have stayed all night! Everyone missed you terribly when you departed so prematurely.

Where’s Manhattan? He compiled a list of all the posters we talked about. And I wanted to personally thank Manhattan for letting us clean out his wallet. We all owe you - big time. It left Alphagene and me with enough money to continue drinking after the old folks (JUST KIDDING) went home.

Basically, all three of the male New Yorkers were extremely witty, hilarious and attractive. The rest of the female teeming millions should be very jealous.

And Flora takes the cake: beauty, intelligence, grace.

When is our next meeting?

OK, I’ll chime in here. The Russian Vodka Room was great, although it was not as bitchin’ as the brunch at the Holiday Inn! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!

Flora “Why the hell does anyone smoke?” McFlimsey, we very much enjoyed your company, but about 15 seconds after you left, we all lit up simultaneously.

I was very impressed with everyone.

The blues thread I started made it obvious and taking part in the congregation last night confirmed it: I am an uncultured fuck.

While the other four were spouting pithy bon mots across the table, alluding to movies that I’ve never seen and musicians who I’ve never heard, I sat at the table feeling like Mel Gibson’s feral toddler sidekick from The Road Warrior. You guys were a hell of a lot of fun.

We made a list of all the poor dopes we discussed, I beleive manhattan has it. We covered many people.

I learned that Melanie’s real name is impossible to pronounce. It’s like those cheesy Star Trek episodes (that’s redundant) where some character says “My name is not pronouncable by the human tongue.”

I’ll think of more dirt as the cranberry vodka haze clears up a bit.

“The world ends when I die. And as far as I’m concerned, the rest of the universe might as well call it a day too.” – Matt Groening

I’m sorry to butt in on your thread here (hey, New York was once Nieuw Amsterdam :wink: ), but I just would like to stress that Manhattan has the moral obligation now to publish that list of discussed names in this very thread, accompanied by the topics covered regarding the names mentioned.

*Opens a can of beer and a bag of crisps, leans back in anticipation :slight_smile: *


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

manhattan has been recovering this morning. manhattan learned that he is too old to drink straight Vodka by the carafe, even when there’s yummy horseradish in it. manhattan has only a bare recollection of the 7:30 meeting this morning. manhattan is old.

That all said, a smashing good time was had by all. Flora will be horrified to know that after she left but probably before she got to the corner of 8th, 4 cigarettes lit. More vodka came. More cigarettes, more vodka, then beer.

Alpha undersells himself. He is terrific, smart, and funny. But yes, from time to time we ended up shrugging at each other while melanie and Uke spoke about their sax lives.

Here is an abridged, alphabetized, misspelled list of posters who came up at one point or another. Topics? I think not.

Cecil Adams
CowGod (moo)
David B.
Drain Bead
Ed Zotti
Lynn Bodani
Omni and not
Pickman’s Model
Saki Samauri

Alpha and melanie: How was the afterparty?

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

You New Yorkers sure are quick :slight_smile:

No topics ??? Awwwww c’mon puhleeeaeaaeaeze ???

Hell, at least I was mentioned…


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

For the record: it just wasn’t ANY fun after Manhattan and Uke left! Alphagene couldn’t pronounce my name, bars were closing early, taxis too expensive, etc etc.

We went to Bar 54 where Alphie enjoyed his very first Skyy vodka martini. Then we sort of got kicked out. Then we went to this other bar that had pilot stuff all over the place where I showed Al no mercy on the pool table. Then we went home! End of story. Feelin’ fine!

Well, goodness, aren’t you all POLITE? You could have lit up, or at least asked. Who says New Yorkers are rude?

I must explain my tea-totaling, in case anyone thinks I’m a follower of Carrie Nation. Actually, I am deathly allergic to alcohol and get food poisoning if I have so much as a millimeter of the stuff. So I looked on wistfully over my teacup as my fellow Board Members drained the city dry.

Oh, and you all mustn’t think that we had only evil to speak of others on the MB–indeed, several ears must have been tingling pleasurably.

For those of you who are curious:

Melanie: Cute as several buttons, wavy dark hair, wholesome looking (but don’t be fooled!).

Manhattan: Also cute and dark, much more sardonic looking.

Alphagene: Tall drink of water, dreamy eyes, short dark hair.

All three late 20s, I’d guess. Ike and I are such proud parents!


I wasn’t.

Or is that not a good thing?

Uh oh. Am I boring?

<heading off to the Pit to espouse an off-pissing viewpoint>

Most common question I ask: “What?”
Most common question I get: “Are you really hearing impaired?”

:::running off to the Pit to espouse an off-pissing viewpoint:::

“I showed Al no mercy on the pool table.”

That, Melanie, is how rumors get started… :slight_smile:

“The world ends when I die. And as far as I’m concerned, the rest of the universe might as well call it a day too.” – Matt Groening

Oh My GOD!!! I was mentioned!!! This is truly an honour!!!

Uh, wait a minute. Come to think of it, pretty much depends on what was said, doesn’t it?? :smiley:

A quick addition to the thread.

Various topics discussed last night:

limp reeds
qualifications to be a stripper
fruity behavior
German fingering

“The world ends when I die. And as far as I’m concerned, the rest of the universe might as well call it a day too.” – Matt Groening

Well, I’m glad ya’ll had a good time and apparently made it to work this morning. You guys have set the standard for the Ohio Hayseed Chapter Meeting coming up on the weekend of 11/6/99.

We’ll see if we can raise the bar a little bit. The next group will have to jump somewhat higher as we have an overnighter planned in Columbus.

Coldfire, I gotta disagree with you here; I really don’t want to hear the topics discussed regarding the dopers. All I know is my ears were burning last night. It could have been the margaritas though. I raised one in abstentia to youse guys (and gals).

“The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.” - Humphrey Bogart

WTF ???

German fingering ?
Did I miss something that could have lowered my Purity Score here :wink:


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

I am suprised that my name was mentioned in the list. As I recall I have not had much discussion with any of you guys. Now if Phil or David B. had mentioned me I would know the context, but with you guys I am curious. Though I see you also mentioned PolyCarp and Pickman, so I will take it as a good thing.


“The next group will have to jump somewhat higher as we have an overnighter planned”

Who’s saying we didn’t have an overnighter?

Sorry, just trying to start some more rumors.

I’m horrified.
What did you say about me? I must know how a collection of extraordinarily bright and sophisticated New Yorkers feel about l’il ol’ me…

“ChrisCTP-…the sweetheart of the SDMB…” --Diane
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Well, I’m just going to have to bat my eyes innocently. It WAS very strong tea, you know, and I was the first to leave (I had other fish to fry). So I dunno what was said about EVERYone.

As far as subjects went, Ike and I were the first to show up, and had our literary discussion: Dickens, William Dean Howells, Henri Murger, Anthony Trollope (and other assorted Trollopes). Then the Bright Young Things began to stagger in, Ike wiped the lipstick off his cheek, I rearranged my petticoats, and we got down to some serious dishing.

CM, we did miss you! We were planning on knocking you to the ground and forcing a pork roll down your throat, just to see if you vanished in a puff of smoke. And Cap’n Crude, too busy pumping up at the gym, hoping to impress Mel and I? Oh, well . . .

Ohh! Ohh! What’d you say about me! Come on! Tell me, tell me!!

I do hope there was at least ONE “Fuck Boston” and “Screw the Cowboys” during the proceedings…

God I miss New York…

Yer pal,