Chicago Reader trimming staff

Note they don’t say which staff.

Yeesh. Here’s hoping Ed and Jerry and everyone else who keeps us together is spared.

That would be to weird if they had to actually subscribe to this service to use it.

A bit more info at the Sun-Times,CST-FIN-lew13.article

An interview with the new CEO

G’darn it, if they touch **Jerry **or **Ed **I say we all cancel our newspaper subscription!!
Say what?


Because the board is working so well.

It’s trimming, not replacing. Consider how badly the board would work if we didn’t even have them working with it.

Cecil, you there?

Does Cecil draw a salary? I thought he fought ignorance out of the joy it brings him.


And the groupies, don’t forget the groupies.

I am under the impression that neither Cecil nor Little Ed are employees of the Reader. So they’re safe . . . until the new folks get around to looking at the acquisitions budget.

I’m worried. They say that the Dope isn’t losing money, and yet the board crashes weekly. This board can’t be all that profitable, if they aren’t willing to put more effort into keeping it running and stable.

yes, but are WE safe?
I fear for the future of the SDMB…

(and, dammit, I’ve paid for 2 years subscription. So if this site dies, I want my money back. Well, not really…I’d gladly pay double, if they would just promise that us Dopers won’t go the way of the dinosaurs. Hell, brontosauruses never had to pay $15, and they lasted for longer than 35 years.**
And they had less ignorance to fight, too.
**(quick math calculation:2007-1972=35 yrs)