Chicago weather blows chunks!

Chunks of ice in April, that is.

It is the 4th of frigging April, and I’m looking out my window at snow flurries. The same sight I’ve seen for the past 4 consecutive days! So far, I think we’ve gotten more snow in April than e had in December. Maybe even January as well.

Why the hell do they even go through the pretense of reciting “average” statistics for such things as temperature and precip? When is the last time our weather ever approached these “averages”?

Does anyone live someplace where there actually are seasons that occur when the calendar suggests they ought to? Don’t get me wrong. We enjoy all of the seasons in Chicago. Sometimes as many as 2 or 3 in a single day. We had a couple of marvelous spring days already this year. Of course, they happened in JANUARY!

And to think that last week I was on a beach in Fla, worrying about getting too much sun! What mental deficiency causes us to live in climes like Chicago’s?

The only thing to look forward each spring is laughing at all of those maroons over at Wrigley freezing their asses off on opening day!

I would love to have Chicago weather right now :frowning: It hardly got cold in South Florida this year. I am disappointed. Actually, I’d love to be IN Chicago right now…

…but then, I don’t have to help scrape snow off the windshield anymore or blow-dry under the door to melt the ice before I can open it… that’s always a plus.

let’s remember, Dinsdale dear, that the ‘chunks’ that Chicago be blowin’ end up in **my ** yard. (I’m East of you)

so, thanks, really. grumble grumble (at least I don’t get the lake effect as well, since that’s usually only on the coast)

So, Mr Hot-Shot Glen Ellyn Lawyer[sub]1[/sub] is rubbing in my face that HE has a window[sub]2[/sub] and HE knows what the weather is today[sub]3[/sub]. You weren’t so high and mighty[sub]4[/sub] when you lived in Lombard!

1 - That’s what you do, right?

2 - I have a door…

3 - …but it’s too cold to open it.

4 - I presume :wink:

Yeah, what he gets I get. One of the beautiful things about Michigan weather–the forecast is only good out to a day or two–after that, I think they just toss coins to fill out the 7 day outlook.

Bah. You should whine. I’ve been away from Chicago for years, and let me tell you the story I tell people about making a snowman on Easter buys me a lot of status. People in the south can’t even comprehend it.

1 - That’s what you do, right?**

When I’m not on SDMB!

2 - I have a door…

Then use it, Rosie. That’s what it’s there for.

3 - …but it’s too cold to open it.

First rule of modern architecture - must keep the rats in hermetically sealed cages. *(Hey, did someone move my cheese again?) *
Yep, I’m up here sharing the rarified elevations with the peregrines. My view is one of the things that definitely does not suck about my job. Of course you have the added benefit of being able to grow mushrooms.
This a.m. it totally doesn’t suck, with the sun shining off the lake. I’m basking like a lizard. This FIP will try to send some of that to you Michiganders (as opposed to Michigeese?) as well. (Well, it’s like a mitten…)

**4 - I presume :wink: **

You presume incorrectly. That is exactly why I was asked to leave! Plus, we needed a bigger home for storing all of those unsightly piles of filthy lucre that were cluttering up the humble abode. Now excuse me while I’m off to play the grand piano. Ahoy, polloi! :wink: