Chitown weather April 14-19?

Chidopers, what’s the chance of catching some fine weather during the dates above? As I attend a Catholic school, our break is Easter-oriented. I have that week off and I’m thinking about coming in with my lovely wife to see the museum, catch some theater, go to a couple two three ballgames, (Cubbies and Sox are both in town!) and eat my weight in Italian beefs, Lou Malnati’s, Best’s kosher hot dogs at Comiskey, and a trip or twelve through the Red Apple buffet.

But I went to, and they say the first week in April is gonna suck, weather wise. Now I am a transplanted New Englander, to the Bay Area, for lo these past eleven years, and I have turned into a severe weather wimp. If it’s gonna drizzle and flurry all week, I’d rather stay home. What say you about the weather?

Bring a light spring jacket and a parka.
Your swimsuit, and mittens.
An umbrella, and sunglasses.
Sandals, and snow boots.

IMO, as a Chicagoan of most of my 42 years, the real problem with predicting Chicago weather is that we rarely have average seasonal weather - at least not in the appropriate seasons. We might have some really lovely spring days - but they could happen anytime from January through June. And you can’t predict that we’ll get long stretches of the same weather either.

Spring is one season we seem to miss out on alot.

For examples, on some Easters you will be wearing shorts and taking a walk outside after dinner. On others, it may be snowing and you’ll have a fire in the fireplace. And it is not at all unusual for it to snow on opening day.

My dad - also a lifelong Chicagoan, always said you couldn’t make definite plans to do anything outdoors until June. My experience has borne that out.

Sorry I couldn’t be more promising, but if I were visiting Chicago, I would probably come in June.

A little lousy weather shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the museums and theaters, tho. And you might get lucky and catch some glorious days. But do not pack too optimistically.

Of course, having said all that, it is around 60 out today and I’m about to go out for a run…

On second thought, just bring a parka shell/raincoat/spring jacket you can layer under with a sweater and or vest or 2. Bring a hat and light gloves, and you’ll be good for just about anything but the ballgame.

IMO, if you are going to a Chicago ballgame in April, you need to dress for winter. Longjohns, winter coat, warm hat and gloves. While it might seem nice strolling to the park, it gets darned chilly as you sit inning after inning, and the shadows stretch across the stands.

Thanks, Dinsdale. Parka, sweater, I don’t even own such things any more!

I know we aren’t in Apr, yet, but check out this forecast!
There was an article in the Trib this AM about variable Chi weather this time of year.
Ya never know, ya might get lucky. Heck, I have an 8:40 tee-time set for 4/12! But people have said I’m nuts!