Chick-Fil-A support day - How did it happen?

What caused all those people to show up at Chick-Fil-A on August 1? Facebook, word of mouth, chain e-mail? Who started it?

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Mike Huckabee promoted it on his Fox talk show.

Mike Huckabee (former AR governor and current Fox News show host) called for a Chick-Fil-A appreciation day after Dan Cathy’s remarks created a backlash. Of course, after he called for it, word of mouth, email, facebook, etc helped spread the word about the event.

The most obese country in the world decides to eat fast food to support denying human rights. Fucking AWESOME.

Governor Huckabee is also an author.

Thanks for the quick answers. I’m surprised it got so big.

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You do realize that many of those who showed up and waited in line did so to support the rights of free speech and freedom of religion, right? Don’t those count as “human rights”?

To answer your question (and undoubtedly invite ridicule and scorn), in my case I heard about it on Glenn Beck’s radio program in the morning. When I got there, they had a sign explaining that they had to close early because they had “run out of food.”

Yes, we’re all aware that that is the story they were told. Whether it actually has anything to do with those subjects is grounds for a GD thread or a Pitting.

(If only to avoid becoming political in GQ.)

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I was going to say something about conservative talk shows as well. Once you get about an hour south of Columbus, scanning through stations is a veritable smorgasbord of conservative and/or religious stations. Although I didn’t hear anything from them personally, I would bet they played a rather large role in the turnout.

I’d bet that the biggest three contributing factors were Fox News, conservative radio and Facebook.

Look, over there, a cordilleran flycatcher!

Can I just post a factual response to this, worthy of GQ? The recent hubbub concerning Chick-Fil-A has nothing to do with freedom of speech or freedom of religion.

That is all.
BTW, I recently learned of the cordilleran flycatcher after searching for the name of this pretty pair of birds I was seeing.


BTW, I recently learned of the cordilleran flycatcher after searching for the name of this pretty pair of birds I was seeing.[/QUOTE]

Cute little fellow.

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An anecdote (based on facts, I promise) seems to be that the more liberal you were, the more surprised you were when it happened and you found out about it. My guess, and backed up by the posters here so far, is that the word was spread via media that only conservatives tended to listen to and watch (Fox News Channel, Rush, Glenn Beck, etc). Also, facebook might have played a roll, but most liberal people probably don’t have very many super conservative friends who were posting about it and telling people to join.

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