ChiDope Lunch Bunch?

Now that I’m working just west of the Loop, I’m wondering if there’s any interest from other ChiDopers on a monthly lunch. The DC Dopers have been doing something similar for quite a while. Any Chicago Dopers interested?

Maybe; where exactly are you? I’m on Jackson & Wells.

Keeno. I’d be in; I’m near the Merchandise Mart.

Damn all you loop workers. I’m in the NW 'burbs, with very occasional forays into the loop.

I’ll still check up on the thread(s) to see if something will work out.

I’d definitely be up for it (I’m West Loop, near Franklin and Washington)!

Out by O’Hare, but like Abe Babe I’ll watch the threads to see if anything coincides with my schedule. Or maybe we could do a DoperDinner in a central location?


I really like this idea. 3 times out of 5, lunch is a boring affair for me.

I’m very near the Paulina/290 El stop, so I can easily hop on to make it into the Loop or where ever.

How about the first Wednesday of each month being the designated time? I like Fridays better, but places tend to be more crowded on Fridays so that might not work as well.

magdalene, jarbabyj, boli, Random, Dinsdale, other downtown dopers, you there?

Wednesdays are generally hairy for me, and I know for sure I can’t make it the first Wednesday of September (the 4th).

Since Wednesday’s bad for Zanshin (and actually will end up being bad for me - lots of standing meetings on Wednesday), how about Thursdays? Maybe the second Thursday of every month - that’d make the first one September 12th. Not sure where a good place would be - ideally somplace not too expensive near the El. This is west loop, but maybe Giordano’s at Halsted and Van Buren? It’s affordable, and a block away from the El.

Thursdays are usually okay for me, but Van Buren is a little southy. I can just hop on the train if need be.

Gundy (and everyone else), feel free to make other suggestions for restaurants - Giordano’s was just a thought because I was just there, and it was easy to get to and relatively inexpensive. If this thing works (the once-a-month idea), we’ll need lots of restaurants go to, and I’m certainly not going to pick 'em all the time. :wink:

Oh, yes you are.

I like the second-Thursday-of-the-month idea – Thursdays are generally good for me. As for location, how about something closer to the Sears Tower? (I’m thinking that’s a decent central location for everyone who’s responded so far.) There’s a decent (but definitely not fancy) place called the Venice Cafe on Wacker, or we could do Mexican at Dos Hermanos in the Sears Tower.

I like the Sears Tower idea; it’s about 100 feet from my front door!

I will be downtown on the 26th, at the W on Lakeshore for a training session, and will be available for at least a short lunch before I have to head out to Wheeling for another training session. I like food.

Weird, I thought I posted in this thread but it’s not here. I guess the hamsters had a snack. Anyway, Angie & I plan to visit the Museum of Science and Industry on 8 October and any Doper who cares to join us for lunch will be welcome.

Ok, sounds like the second Thursday of each month is a go. The first official (yet not endorsed by The Chicago Reader) ChiDope Lunch Bunch will be Thursday, September 12th at Venice Cafe. It doesn’t look like they take reservations. Is 12:30 a good time? The early lunch crowd should (I hope) be clearing by then.

With a followup two weeks later on September 26th with Mr. Cynical at a time and place to be determined.

Jeff, you accidentally hit “New Thread” instead of “Post Reply”; I saw your MSI lunch suggestion in its own thread.

12:30 sounds good for Thursday the 12th. I’m in.

(Next time we’ll have to do Stocks & Blondes up on Washington and Wells.)

The post that went missing was pretty much the same as the one that went through. I wanted the MSI suggestion to have its own thread because it could be more than just a lunch; Dopers who have the time could wander the museum with us. Problem is this thread is much more active so I posted a link to the other one.