ChiDope lunch - December?

Anyone up for lunch sometime during the first three weeks of December?

To get us in the holiday spirit, I suggest we go to some place nice and “divey.” (Or is that dive-ish?)

OTOH, I have a $25 certificate for Mrs. Levy’s in Sears Tower.

My schedule is very flexible - I can make it just about any day.

I think Dec. 5 was suggested in the last thread?

I can make it more or less after the 11th…I’ll be communing with the sheep until then. Otherwise, have a blast on the 5th! (Although don’t have any blasts in the Sears Tower; you might get yourselves arrested by security. They’re a little jumpy these days.)

Yep, December 5th was the last suggested date.

Do we want to keep planning in the old thread or this one? I subscribed to the other one, so I get a notification if anyone posts there. Does anyone else subscribe to these things, or am I the only one that anal-retentive? :wink: I’m gonna subscribe to this one, too. So there.

I’m in Chicago I’m in Chicago I’m in Chicago

I subscribe to the Trib.
Is it anything like that?

It’s exactly like that, only written at a higher grade level.

I vote plan in this thread, because if the other thread runs too long porcupine’s psychotic boyfriend might lock it off in another mass thread closing.

Qazzz, baby, you should come!

Five bucks says yep. :wink:

Well, I already offered my opinion on why he is so cranky…



Are we still on for this Friday?

Did anyone else see this thread title and think: “I thought he was banned?”

Nope. :smiley:

And yup, still on for Friday. If we do Stocks and Blondes, we should do it early (11:30) otherwise it’ll be entirely too packed. If we need to keep it at 1ish, we should plan somewhere else (Corner Bakery’s right there, or there’s a Cosi at Washington/Franklin).

I’ll be there, assuming nothing majorly horrible happens that day.

Cosi at 1 sounds good to me.

Cosi, Washington/Franklin (NE corner), 1 pm. Check.

Of course, since I’m El-ing, I may be a few minutes late depending on when it actually shows up.

S&B wasn’t too crowded at 1 last time.
Or will the holiday drunks all be out?

Cosi’s is fine by me, but aren’t we becoming the boring crowd when it comes to choosing lunch spots.

Don’t look to me for suggestions. I’m the boring old fart in the group!

Dinsdale, I think it’s a Friday thing. Last time we got together on a Friday (the one you missed), S&B was so crowded at 1 that we had to go somewhere else. I think next time we have lunch other than Friday, we should try S&B again.