ChiDopers and Dopers In The Vicinity

Anyone available for a totally cheap lowkey party at Jarbaby’s house Friday night? This friday, the fifth?

Jarhubby is going to a strip club with some friends and I’ll be home hittin’ the pink speedbag if I don’t come up with something to do.

What do you say to some beer, some drinking games, some chit chat…and if we get bored we can trot down to the corner and hang out at Scots with the fun gay guys.

Anyone anyone? Porc? Mags? Nym? Creant?..

I realize it’s short notice.


Sorry, jar, I’ve already got plans on Friday, but thanks for thinking of me.

Gluh. I appreciate it, j, but I don’t know if I’m fit company for man, beast, gay guys or you.

My overwhelming urge to be a drunken bint is barely kept in check by my lack of funds. Hie thee behind me, SatanWoman.