Chiefs sign #1 draft choice - and he's overweight!!!

So the Chiefs sign DT Ryan Sims and he’s a fat tub of goo!
What the %$@# have you been doing since the draft?

Here’s Dick Vermeil’s reaction:

Q: Have you a better sense than yesterday what kind of shape he’s in?
VERMEIL: “Fat and out of shape.”
Q: So, no hope for Cleveland then?
VERMEIL: “Probably not. He’s 14 pounds overweight and in not very good condition. Just what I expected. (Player agent Hadley) Engel---- delivered him, but in poor shape.”
Q: How long does it typically take to get a guy in shape who comes in 14 pounds overweight?
VERMEIL: “14 pounds overweight and not in physical condition? About six weeks. I mean real condition. It depends on how far off he is. It’s hard to tell. But that’s just how it normally is. I mean, that’s exactly what I expected, so I’m not surprised. I’m a little disappointed because I felt that maybe this young man had enough discipline to get it done and keep himself… Man, he was in great shape when he left here. He was 314 pounds and he had stamina. Now he doesn’t.”

Two weeks ago, the local radio sports show interviewed his agent. He was asked if Sims is working out. His agent said yes!! Well, either Sims is lazy or his agent is lying! Yes, 14 pounds isn’t that much, but his coach, fans and team are now angry because he isn’t in shape. What are these two idiots thinking??!! Doesn’t a 10 million dollar signing bonus require you to be in shape? Now veteran TE Tony Gonzalez is holding out, but you can bet he’ll be in shape when he signs!!!

Kill him!!!

Kill that fat bastard!!!

Kill Gonzalez too! And Vermeil! And all the agents!!

Fuck it – kill thewhole fucking team!!!

Sorry. I get a little worked up around football season.

DT for the Kansas City Chefs.

I’m trying to get enthusiastic about pro sports, but that’s a damned tough row to hoe in this town. :mad:

Must be a dream to interview Dick Vermeil. He gives brutally honest quotes, unlike the vague coachspeak you usually have to put up with. Oh, and there’s the crying, which is always handy for writing a snappy lead.

“That’s great, but who are the Chefs?”
“Great googly moogly.”

As a die hard, life-long Browns fan I just have to say.

“sorry about your luck” :smiley:

Two words Fugazi,

Jamir Miller
“Sorry about our luck too.”

Actually Ennui I have high hopes for Darren Hambrick. I think he’ll turn out to be a better run stuffer than Miller. As far as injuries go, I’m sure Miller won’t be our last :frowning: . Hopefully the Browns have enough depth this year to overcome them.