Cowboys trade for the other Roy Williams.

ESPN has reported that Roy Williams has been traded from Detroit to Dallas in exchange for 1st round, 3rd round and 6th round picks in the 2009 draft, the Lions also giving a 7th round pick.

Roy Williams is in a contract year and hasn’t been playing very well. Jerry Jones is supposedly trying finalize a new 5-year contract extension with Williams to keep him in Dallas. You have to assume that it’ll get done since the Cowboys gave up so much and since Williams is a Texas native and going from a terrible team to a perennial contender.

Dallas with Williams, TO and Crayton as it’s WR crew is a pretty scary lineup, at least once Romo gets back, but damn they gave up a ton in those 3 picks for a guy that they are going to have to pay a ton. Chances are they could have landed him on the open market next year.

They lost Pacman though, so they get a bit weaker on that side of the ball at least. I still think TO’s due to flame-out again soon, maybe Williams is insurance against that.

Anybody in the NFC who gives the Cowboys another weapon is idiotic. Oh yeah, it’s Detroit. Wait a minute…I thought they canned Millen?

Williams was the only guy on their team with any fire in his belly, so of course, they trade him…figures.

I hate the idea of him on Dallas, but really, you think the Lions are dumb for dumping him (when he’s not under contract past this season) in exchange for 3 draft picks including a 1st rounder? They flat robbed the Cowboys and Williams wasn’t doing anything for that team this year.

I’m not convinced Detroit knows what to do with draft picks.

I love Roy Williams. He’s a helluva receiver. He’ll be good in Dallas.

The Lions got decent value for him. Millen did shit with first-rounders. Maybe the next GM will do something good with it.

It’s not like they’re going to contend anytime soon. Why not get something for him?

Heck, they got a king’s ransom.

I’m not sure Detroit even knows what a draft pick is…

this is ridiculous.

Don’t forget the most important point, though: Dallas no longer has them.

At least they are stocking them up. Could this be the start of the long awaited rebuilding process in Detroit, or are they merely looking to draft two wide receivers this year?

AAAAAHAAAH I can not wait for another rebuilding. You know the coach is gone. Kitnas out for the year . This is ugly and it will get uglier. Kitna is not the answer. He actually is not a bad QB. But ,he is 35 and we need to build for a future??? How can I say that again. help
Williams is tall ,fast and good. He will do well with any team that has talent. He is supposed to be moody ,but who in Detroit isn’t?

Kitna is awful and always has been, and the Cowboys got absolutely raped on that deal. Williams’ production has been in steady decline over the last three years, and now the 'Boys don’t have Romo either.

As a lifelong (and suffering) Bengals fan, I can tell you from firsthand experience closely scrutinizing the guy that Kitna absolutely blows. He’s horrible, albeit a nice guy.

I can also tell you, that after watching Jory Harrington, Kitna is much better than Mr. Harrington.

I can not stand him on a personal level. He is a religious nut and god is reponsible every time he does well. But is not responsible for bad games.
Kitna came in after Harrington and the whole team took a big step when he came in. But they never took the next step. I think he shows talent for 3 1/2 quarters. He has not demonstrated he can pull a victory out in the end. That is a problem. But for us ,being in a game for 3 1/2 quarters is a victory.

Kitna is a fine QB for a team that does not rely on the passing game to win games. Were he on the Bears, Ravens, Titans, Vikings or Dolphins he would probably be pretty damned successful. The issue is that the Lions keep trying to make him something he is not, and that’s Peyton Manning.

That’s sure saying a lot!

I don’t think that’s entirely accurate. I don’t think the Lions are/were trying to turn him into Peyton Manning (surely even Matt Millen realized that Kitna could NEVER draw such a comparison)…it’s just that the Lions suck so bad that he HAS to pass the ball 40 times a game in order to play catch-up damn near every time as they play from behind such ridiculous leads so often that there isn’t any other option.

Kevin Jones was so wasted there.

I’m a non-practicing Christian and I got awfully tired of the prayer circles and Kitna’s crucifixes drawn on his armbands and such while he was here in Cincinnati (you’re not McMahon, idiot).

And as you allude to, once a guy like Kitna BLAMES Jesus for his team’s loss, then the respect-o-meter goes up.

Like God gives a shit who wins a fucking game amongst all that money and greed. Yeah, God’s watching on Sundays. And he’s making a list, and checking it twice, too.

Um, the Lions drafted WRs in the first round (all top 10 picks) in 4 times in 5 years and hired Mike Martz as their OC. Their unbalanced offense is entirely intentional and not a product of their playing from behind.

This is radiantly bizarre. Who cares what someone believes or how publicly they make it? What, do you get Christian cooties through the TV?

Who makes an NFL thread into a religion thread? Get a grip.