Millen Gone!!!

The Lions and Matt Millen have parted ways.

Well, now, maybe something that is a closer approximation to football will find its way to Detroit. :smiley:

Wha? Is the nightmare over? We can take the paper bags off our heads?

Free at last, free at last! Thank Ford, alrighty! We are free at last!

Who would’ve thought that Millen would be gone before Kiffen got fired?

From the ESPN article

Let’s see, 31 plus 84 divided by sixteen games a year makes… SEVEN YEARS?!?!? He was there for SEVEN YEARS? That’s fucking criminal.

I don’t know if I even want to distinguish this with a response.
Shit. Too late.

I do not believe it. Gotta make the coaching staff nervous.

Keep the paper bag on. We’re still 0-3 with a 70% chance of not winning a game all season.

Um. Yes we can?

What is that you say? Detroit has a football team?

Does this mean we can expect the incriminating pictures of Clay Ford and that goat that Millen has been blackmailing him with to be released?

No, this obvious means that Ford has somehow managed to get his hands on all the evidence and can finally fire Millen without worrying about it coming out.

Way to draw a line in the sand, Ford family. After six years where your team averaged a record of 5-11, it really did seem like things were just about to turn around, didn’t it? But when the Lions started off poorly this year, well, I guess they lost the faith.

Why Millen was ever hired is beyond me. Even if there’s a reasonable explanation for his hiring, he should’ve been fired about five years ago. It’s really baffling that they held onto him for so long despite not just repeated failure, but repetition of the same failures over and over. I’m really happy for Lions fans.

I take that back. Millen was there for seven full seasons, not six, so you can add a year to most of those totals. And that means the team’s record during his tenure was closer to 4-12 every year than 5-11.

I’m a Dolphins fan because watching Dan Marino is what got me into watching pro football, but Barry Sanders was a second reason that my interest grew so I’ve always had a soft spot for the Detriot Lions. I’m really hoping that now that they’ve gotten rid of Millen they can get back to respectability.

Although a competent Lions team would not be a good thing for the Bears, I have to be happy that you guys’ long nightmare may be ending. Cheers!

After a few hours of mulling on this news, I see this move being equal to Spiro Agnew leaving office. Or maybe Donald Rumsfeld.

Look who’s still really in charge folks. I mean, we’ve only won one playoff game since Old Man Ford bought the team in 1964.

Here’s the record:
Pre-William Ford years: 179-63 (.740) with 5 championships. A respectable team.
William Ford years: 281-377 (.427) with 0 championships. This is the product of a wannabe businessman who grew up in the shadow of his successful older brother, and doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing.

I’m very happy for all the Lions fans out there. It’s about time. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few years of a strong Lions team competing for a championship.

It would get old after that though, so that’s all you get.

Is ANY Lion fan unhappy with this? (Apart from wanting to fire people higher up?)

Can’t think of why they would be. I’m slightly thrilled about it.