Warning: Football-Like Substance Found!

Hi. I’m a Lions fan. I hate football right now.
Right now, bat attention is better than no attention. Please, pile on and make fun of the Lions. Point out every glaring inefficiency.

We made a rookie quarterback look like the new Tom Brady. Have I mentioned that I hate football? Maybe I should adopt another team so when the Lions mathematically eliminate themselves (which happened some time around Sunday afternoon), I can root for someone instead of rooting for an asteroid to come down and end my football-related misery.

someone shoot me.

Here’s one – your boys looked fucking brilliant in the preseason, so I picked them guys to beat the scrub Falcons in my suicide pools.

One and done. Fuckers.

The LIons only gave up 320 yards on the ground . At least it was not 400. That may come later after the defense was exposed other teams may try running on us . They got creamed by a weak team.

At least you found out what they are immediately this year. You’ve had some seasons where they tease you a little bit by winning a couple of games before absolutely collapsing. You are now saved from getting your hopes up just to have them smashed.

I feel sorry for Lions fans. I really do. Even most consistently bad teams get a sniff now and then or have some kind of half-way decent season. You guys have to look at the Wayne Fontes era as the glory years.

Don’t worry, if the Lions get to the playoffs, the Arizona Cardinals will be there to knock them off!:smiley:

See, that was my very first inkling that this was going to be a bad year. Teams that go 4-0 in the preseason almost always tank. I would have preferred going 0-4.
I hate football. I hate the Ford family. I hate Wayne Fontes because his brand of mediocrity is the gold standard for “success”.

please shoot me. we’ve got gun owners on this board. won’t someoene think of me?

If that happens, I will find you and I will cut you.

Hey LOUNE, aren’t there Board rules about admitting stuff like this online? Have you even read the User Agreement?

This is a bit inappropriate, even if you meant to be jovial - your post doesn’t make it clear. Play nice.

Fine. Then I will find you and shower you with glee.
Yes, I was kidding. …about the First part. Well, I’m also kidding about the second part, too. No glee. Can I cut you with glee? No? Hm…well, then I’ll just bitch and whine, then. Deal?

It should be written into the user agreement if it’s not there already Ol’Gaffer. Won’t someone think of the children? Won’t they grow up to be Lions fans as well?

They are owned by the Ford’s who have demonstrated that they have no interest whatsoever in having a winning team.

He was talking about a crippling cut block…


I’m a Detroit transplant to Phoenix.

I’ll help.


Okay. That’s a decent one, but not we haven’t bashed into a pulp here in Detroit.

Come on. What else do you have?

Maybe you should appreciate the Lions’ ineptitude as Act 2 of a three-part civic opera buffa of sorts, with Act 1 being the mayoral scandal, leaving Act 3 to be… what? Probably some spectacular collapse within the U.S. automotive industry.

I meant that it is against the rules to admit that you are a Lions fan (and if there isn’t, there definitely should be). There is…ahem…another board for those wishing to be mercilessly piled upon.

What sort of runs created that much yardage? Was the lack of Shaun Rogers a significant factor you think?

Because so far I’ve been really impressed with him. Everywhere within 3 yards of him in the run game has been a solid wall. Unfortunately every other part of the field is wide open…

I had Lions tickets from back in Tiger Stadium. I kept them for 30 years ,Barry Sanders made me keep them an extra 10.
If you look at a team as an investment and do not care about winning and losing the Lions are a great success. Ford bought them in 1964 for 5 mill. They have filled the seats for over 50 years. They are now worth.nearly a billion. It has been said that max profits are achieved at 2nd playoff game. After that the sponsors, league and other teams require too many tickets. The Lions were at the barely make playoff level for a long time. They made a ton.

Ahh, I see. One must simply change one’s definition of success. In that case, I fully agree. The Lions are have been a stunning success for close to 50 years and anyone who claims otherwise is a nattering nabob of negativism (like LOUNE). Cheer up buddy!

I’m not entirely sure. I watched virtually none of the game. I saw the results and everything on ESPN’s GameCast.