How did your team do in the Draft?

The Bucs didn’t have much of a draft, having already spent the first couple of rounds on acquiring Jon “Chucky” Gruden. Their third round pick completes the makeover of their receiving corps, replacing undersized quick (ex-Florida) receivers with tall, plodding guys. Now they have Keyshawn, Marquise Walker and Joe Jurevicius, all over 6’3" (depending on whose stats you read), plus Ken Dilger aquired from the Colts at tight end. I think I may have read somewhere that they got Marco Battaglia from the Bengals as well, but that could just be the Cincinnati filter slipping off.

Most of the rest of the guys they took are real wait-and-see kind of guys. The running back, Travis Stephenson?, out of Tennessee could be a steal or a bust, taken in the fourth. Most of the other ones might not make the team. They’re more likely headed for the practice squad.

Locally, I don’t really follow what the Bengals do unless I need some comic relief. Sure, take an offensive tackle most folks have never heard of at least 10 spots ahead of where anyone has projected him to go. I have nothing against selecting an OT in the first round, just that you’d better make damned sure he’s going to be an all-pro. If not then trade down, store a pick for later and take him where he belongs.

I’m irked that Kansas City stole Ryan Sims at #6. The Vikings are in desperate need of a passrusher - Lance Johnstone just ain’t cutting it. Hell, someone to stand next to Chris Hovan would be good, too.

McKinnie … well, the guy was projected to go #1 a few months ago, and he’s built like a mountain (6’8", 340? You could crash a Chevy Blazer into this guy and bounce off of him). Unless he’s a complete bust, he’ll anchor the line, and protect Culpepper’s blind side. Rumor has it he never gave up a sack in his entire collegiate career - if he can maintain that, then he’s definitely a steal. The losses of Steussie and Stringer made an incredible difference. In 2000, Culpepper had all the time in the world to make a play. In 2001, he was running for his life half the time.

Taking an OLB in the second and a SS in the third … good, good. Saying they’re both starters the day of the draft … well, that’s a tossup. We’ve had a complete turnover of our linebacking corps in the past two years, and lost Robert Griffith who was one of the best run-stuffers in the league.

My bafflement - Denver. Ashley Lelie, yeah, good and all, but too injury prone for my feeling … and hey! Shanahan! YOU HAVE ENOUGH RUNNING BACKS ALREADY.

Hey lno, where did McKinnie play in college? Even the best of these guys usually have a little trouble the first year making the adjustment, but a solid line can make any offensive backfield look better.

As for our dear friend Shannahan, just another reason for us fantasy types to grind our teeth and shake our fists at him. I like Portis(head), I wouldn’t have minded seeing a team I like, and that could use a back, get him.

Lions -

I love the pick of Harrington, even though it calls into question the whole McMahon situation- I don’t think that the Lions could have risked missing out on a potential franchise quarterback- I think the fans would have torn down the new stadium. Plus, having two guys fighting it out for the position is good, and personally, I was never sold on McMahon.

However, the rest of the Lions draft sucked, IMO. Kalimba Edwards was ok, but we have needs at RB (paging Mr. Portis, Mr. Clinton Portis), and CB, and TE, and… etc. I would rather they chose Portis with the 2nd round pick, or the best available CB, than Edwards, who seems to fit into a slot where there is a lot less need.

Plus, the Lions got lucky with Shaun Rogers last year, and his recovery from injury, so they pick a lot of guys with injury history in college. If it works, fantastic- you get value for little risk, but the holes are so large that it scares me.

Best draft- either Dallas- I love Williams, the safety, or Oakland. How, exactly, are you going to be able to complete a pass on that team? are you going to throw at Woodson, or Buchanon? or Eric Allen, as a nickle back? I don’t think so.

Miami (FL), first of five guys taken from that school in the first round, with seven more teammates drafted overall.

I don’t expect him to be a Pro Bowler the first year; he’ll be average in general, and dominated by a powerful defensive end in one game, but considering that a serious option was to move Matt Birk from center to left tackle … let’s leave the Pro Bowl center where he is and get 340 pounds of flesh for the tackle position.

How many running backs does this make for Denver? 30?


First Rounder Mike Rumph. Seems someone in the Niners front office noticed we needed to improve our nickel package, Rumph could be the answer to our needs there. Big strong and physical, we’ll need that vs. the Rams.

In the 5th round we picked up Doman BYU, knows Steve Young, compared to Garcia. I like.

The only other picks worth commenting on is DT Shaw and Kicker Chandler. First Shaw. I really thought we’d draft a DT first, Peterson showed a lot of promise at DE near the end of the season, and the move of Bryant Young to the other end seemed like a solid move. I was sure the Niners would draft a DT, to make the move permanent or at least have that option on a regular basis. It could still happen if Shaw can overcome the knee injury. He’s expected to be ready in August.

I like Cortez you’ve got to love a kicker who gets called not once but twice for unneccesary roughness. I also think he’s being partially blamed for matters not entirely his fault. Of course a 40-50 yard field goal is going to be a line drive, the line needs to push harder. Additionally I’m sick of going in to training camp with a kicker competition every year. Hows about some stability folks. No offense to Chandler but you asked.

**Shoulda, coulda, wouldas **

Where the hell is the new Wideout. Stokes is a bust, he’s been a bust since he got here. Let it go, or rather let him go. There’s still the a few hanging out in the FA market. Donohue? Bill? Howsaboudit?

What happened with Dallas running out of time. Were they forced to trade their pick? Or is the time limit just a guide?

Giants had a typical draft

1st round-Player that will probably become a solid contributor (Shockey) but never a real superstar.
2nd round-Possible steal but at a position where we’re not particularly weak (A WR when what we really need is an OG)
3rd round-Guy we could’ve gotten a few rounds later
5th-7th rounds (No 4th round pick) No gambles that could turn into something huge, just a bunch of 2nd team/practice squad guys.
I give it a C, even though the season will probably be a D.

Buffalo Bills:

Bledsoe… I’m still in shock!!

Williams, probably the best lineman ont he board

Reed… oh no another Reed in Buffalo.

Miami, New England, Jets… I don’t think they’re to happy with this outcome.

I give the Bills 4 out of 5 stars

I didn’t see this live, but the comments later indicated that they traded and the team they traded to got their pick in before the next team up was able to select.

Quoting from the Mpls Star-Tribune on this issue:

First Round: Kendall Simmons, OG, Auburn – was consitantly projected in the top 3 OLs in this draft. Been hearing some grumblings that we did not take Toniu Fonoti (Nebraska) instead. Simmons is very strong with a wide body. From what I gather he had a very respectable showing against Julius Peppers, who was touted as the best DLineman out of the '02 class, and was the #2 pick overall. I can’t argue with taking Simmons. With this, the Steelers announced that OL Rich Tylski is being released. (good for cap reasons, I think)

Second Round: Antwaan Randle El, WR, Indiana – Very tough call, seeing as how Antonio Bryant was still available here. The Steelers have said that they are looking for someone to play the slot position, as Bobby Shaw is gone (to Jacksonville, I think?). In any case, I have a feeling that some of the Dallas reps nearly pooped their pants when the Steelers didn’t choose Bryant, and they scooped him up immediately following the Steelers pick. Randle El is being touted as “slash junior” – he played QB and WR in college. Why we need this, I don’t know. Randle El apparently is a phenominal athelete, and I certainly don’t think he won’t be able to fill the position, but I can’t help but think that we got the inferior WR. Time will tell, I hope that I am wrong.
Third Round: Chris Hope, S, Florida State – apparently this guy is as strong as a bull. He bench presses 225#s 28x, which outperforms some linemen. He is a big hitter, and an aggresive player. Some people knock him by saying that he doesn’t have the high speed necessary to be a safety, but I don’t think that it is a big issue. He was projected to go higher than the 3rd round on several mocks that I saw, and I am happy with their pick here.
The rest of em:

Fourth Round: Larry Foote, LB, Michigan
Fifth Round: Veron Haynes, FB, Georgia
Sixth Round: Lee Mays, WR, UTEP
Seventh Round (7A): LaVar Glover, DB, Cincinnai
Seventh Round (7B): Brett Keisel, DE, BYU

I am not disapointed, but I am not thrilled either. I have a nagging feeling about Antonio Bryant – We will see. The Steelers have shown themselves to be the best drafting team of the past 30 years, so I cannot pretend to know more than they do. I trust their judgement. Worst case scenario, we have 21 of our 22 starters from last year returning (Earl Holmes went to Cleveland, but we replaced him with James Farrior – an equal trade if not an upgrade for us).

I have very high expectations for the Black and Gold this year.

Don’t worry a bit about Randel El.
I grew up in Indiana, and although I hated IU athletics, this guy was amazing to watch. He always makes the first man or two miss.

He will make an immediate impact as a punt/kick returner. He is the only college player to pass for 6000 yards and rush for 3000. His personality is great, and he is the farthest thing from a troublemaker. Bryant reminded many of Randy Moss (big crybaby type).

Imagine a 3rd and 5, and Pittsburgh has Kordell in the shotgun, with Hines Ward on one side, and Randel El on the other in the backfield.

Pittsburgh has always drafted a little differently than other teams, choosing to take a player who performs and makes plays over one who had higher combine stats.

OK, I’m imagining… One of them gets the ball as the QB and the other two… Block? One goes out as a receiver and the other blocks? They both go out? I admit it’s an interesting concept, but I don’t see it working out come Autumn - it’s one of those things that sounds great in April, but getting it to work is something else entirely.

With regards to the OP, I’ll cover the Packers without doing much research (eh… I’m feeling lazy):

  1. Javon Somebody, WR FSU. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel said they wanted this guy and would get him at 28, but they traded up to 20 to get him. He could be good, but how many FSU guys look as good in the pros as they do in college? You’d think they would have learned that from last year. Anyways, there’s a good possibility that they could have gotten him at 28, kept the 60th pick and gotten Antonio Bryant, and completely laid to rest any question about depth in the WR corps. I’m starting to miss Ron Wolf.

  2. No one. Traded it to Seattle. Mike likes Mike. Maybe too much.

  3. Marques… ugh, Javon’s brother, Marques Somebody, S UCLA. Supposedly to be LeRoy Butler’s replacement. They just better be meaning “in the distant future,” because it don’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that last year’s D with Butler = Top 5, without Butler = 20th? Ooooh, you can not get rid of my man LeRoy!

  4. Naji… Naj… Damnit, now they made me look something up! Grr! Najeh Davenport, FB Miami (FL). Well, it’s about damn time they got Henderson a back-up. My guess, he plays special teams well, and then gets cut along with everyone else who play ST well. Deja vu.

  5. Aaron Kampmann, DL, Iowa. I don’t know much about him, but he better be a tackle. God knows we have enough ends.

5 (another one). Craig Nall, QB, NW State (Louisiana). I would have preferred they had gotten Rohan Whatshisname from LSU, he looked pretty good. As it is, this guy will likely be this year’s number three as Doug Pederson is pretty firmly entrenched as No. 2.

  1. Mike Houghton, OL, SDSU. Any draft without an O lineman seems to be a waste, so we get one. I think we need third stringers at a few positions, so what the hell.

  2. Traded last year for Rod Walker, who I think is kinda good.
    To sum up: Nothing to get excited about, move along, people.

Well Shibb, long time no see, thanks for updating me on the Bucs. He said it all folks.

Wow, I was able to drag foxy out of seclusion. What you been up to sweetie? If you’re in Tampa for Christmas want to see the Bucs play the Steelers on Monday Night Football? The game is on the 23rd (it’s a Saturday).